Happy New Year- Well Kinda

Happy New Year- Well Kinda of New Year. A new school year is the start of what feels like a new year. 
      • Fresh Start
      • New Routines
      • Motivation
      • New Challenges
      • New Opportunities
Today is my daughters first day in 2
nd grade. She was excited and nervous just like the rest of us when we start something new. I am excited to get back to a new routine. Things may not go as planned with a 6 week old in our house, but we will try out best. 

My plan is to wake up around 6 depending on the baby's last feeding, pump if I have to and get a workout done before anyone else is awake. This plan didn't happen this morning. Audrianna had a rough night and we were up a lot and I pressed snooze. I need to find that motivation in myself to just get up, I know I won't regret it and will probably feel better. As soon as Audrianna decided to take her first nap I will be pressing play on a 30 minute workout. I know I will press pause a million times because we are also potty training, but something is better than nothing. 

As well as being more physically active I am getting back to blogging. I missed sharing whats going on in our lives, interacting with others, and reading other blogs. I did change the name of my blog from All Adrienne to Mom Life with Adrienne for a few reasons but more on that later. 

Potty training. I swear this stubborn boy is never going to be potty trained. He said he is scared to sit on the potty. I had all the intentions of him being out of pull ups before I had Audrianna, then before school started. Having a rough pregnancy and rough few weeks postpartum didn't help. Now no more excuses. We are potty training today. Austin is in undies.

Weekly Menu:
Monday- Chicken, Broccoli, Homemade Mac and Cheese (I wont have mac and cheese)
Tuesday- Chicken Taco Bowls with rice, lettuce, cheese, salsa, and black beans
Wednesday- Zoodles with tomato, lemon, and shrimp / kids pasta with red sauceThursday- Leftovers
Friday- Homemade Pizza
Saturday- Loaded Sweet Potato
Sunday- Cookout 

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  1. A newborn and potty training at the same time can be tough but I was warned by so many people (and saw for myself working in day care) that potty training before a new baby comes can also backfire as most kids end up regressing to try and get whatever attention they can with the new baby around. I know it feels like he will never potty train but I promise he will!!

    1. I would be so discouraged if we potty trained before having the baby and he regressed. So far he is doing awesome.


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