Just Call Me Cinderella

Happy Monday. I am so happy the weekend is over. I know that sounds so weird. This weekend I have been busy getting some of our house back in order. 

~ Friday September 13 ~

Austin had his 4 year check up. He weighs 32 lbs and is 39 inches. The doctor was very concerned that he is not fulling potty trained and wants us to see a Psychiatric rehab. She also wants us to try pushing more variety of foods and give him something like Ensure everyday to help him to gain weight. We didn't see our normal doctor so I am still unsure how I feel about her opinions. We do meet with the psychiatric rehab lady on Wednesday to see what she says. 

While we were at the doctor with Austin, Audrianna stayed with my parents for a little while. Our regular doctor advised us leaving her at home if possible so avoid risk of her getting sick. We are currently struggling with her taking a bottle. I fed her before we left. She ended up taking 1 oz for my mom with a fight. I did fed her as soon as I got back to her house. 

The evening was just Audrianna, Austin and I. Aubriella was with her dad for the weekend and Brian was working Lakewood Auxillary Police. The kids and I just relaxed at home, played cars and trains, and watched tv.

~ Saturday September 14 ~

We have gotten back into our Saturday morning tradition of going to the local farmers market to get breakfast, coffee, and fresh produce. We had Crepes in the City. Austin enjoyed a chocolate chip crepe with sprinkles and whip cream. I had a BLT crepe and Brian had a waffle with fresh blueberries and whip cream. It was all so good. 

When we got home my one hibiscus flower was bloomed. 

We ended up having a half relaxing rest of the day. Audrianna and I took a nap then I got my energy ready to start cleaning. 

~ Sunday September 15 ~

Audrianna has been full of smiles and personality. She is so talky and such a happy baby. Here she is smiling at her daddy. He was lucky enough to capture this picture. 

~ Just Call Me Cinderella ~

My weekend consisted of laundry, dishes, feeding Audrianna, all on repeat and cleaning up the kids toy mess. 

This was the "toy room" section of our basement. You could barely walk to get to the office. I have no idea how long it had been like this as I don't normally venture down to the basement besides to do laundry. Earlier in the week I had went downstairs to workout and determined that wasn't going to happen with this mess. 

This is where I would have worked out had the toys not spilled over to the "living area". What you can't see a big box of LOLs, and shopkins dumped all over the floor. (They magically disappeared) The kids also had my weights in the mess somewhere. 

I organized and purges and set them up their own little play areas. Even though that didn't last Austin was playing with his sisters barbies since she wasn't home. 

We still have to bring the train set downstairs and set it up again. 

I have a place to work out again and i am not overwhelmed with all the mess. 

While I was at it I tackled both kids rooms. Audrianna's room wasn't horrible. Ella's crafts all are kept in the corner next to the crib and they where all over the room. 

Austin's room looked like a tornado had hit it. (The basement I would call a hurricane hit it) Now you can walk in there, see his floor, and clothes his drawers. 

Now how long will the house stay organized? I threw away four full garbage bags. What are you tips for keeping your kids toys and rooms organized?

~ Weekly Menu ~
Monday- Lobster Ravioli and Cheese Tortellini 
Tuesday- Chicken Tacos
Wednesday-Burgers with red potatoes
Thursday- Zoodles (Kids Mac and Cheese)
Friday- Homemade Pizza Pockets
Saturday- Chicke Stir Fry
Sunday- Chicken Patties

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