Weekend Getaway 2019 Day 1

The last weekend of summer before Ella headed back to school we went on a mini vacation aka weekend getaway. Over the summer we had previously planned to go to Florida but complications in my pregnancy meant we had to cancel it. We wanted to end summer with some sort of fun. We decided to take a road trip to Niagara Falls, New York. 

We picked up Ella on Friday morning at 730am and hit the road. Everything was packed and ready to go. After a little while in the car I look back and see this. Austin learned this from Ella. 

First stop Pymatuning beach at 10am. We needed a bathroom and Audrianna was ready to eat. The beach was empty. There was literally 2 cars in the parking lot. We let the kids run around while I sat there and fed Audrianna. 

Next we crossed over the bridge for the kids first surprise, Spillway. It is a hatchery of carp. 

Its a fun stop and the kids loving feeding the carp bread. 

There are so many fish.

Next Brian decided to surprise me with a detour to Southern Tier Brewery. This time of the year my favorite beer in Pumking and they are the company that makes it. 

We stopped and had a light lunch. Brian and I split these pork tacos that were so good. The kids shared a grilled cheese.

While I was eating Audrianna woke up and wanted to eat too. I finished eating real quick then headed to the car to feed her. Even though we have a mini van the backseat isnt the most ideal place to feed. The front seat works great. The sun was shining on my seat. I improvised and using a baby blanket on the door to block the sun.

Then we headed to our hotel in Niagara Falls. We stayed at the Quality Inn. The location to the falls was awesome, the hotel I wasn't impressed with. It felt dirty but not buggy. There was no parking in their lots so we had to park in a garage and get vouchers or pay $30 a day. I would not recommend it and wouldn't stay there again. 
I liked that everything was within walking distance. Our first adventure was to see the falls. 

I grew up seeing the falls every summer while visiting family in Canada. I love experiencing things again through my kids eyes. Ella was afraid at first thinking she was going to fall down the falls. She eventually warmed up and enjoyed it. Austin was just hypnotize by all the water and how big the falls were. 

Our favorite part about the falls was seeing them at night all lit up. Unfortunately it was so busy that we couldn't stand at the fence but we still got a good view. 

They also set off fireworks by the falls. There was a test shot that was really loud and Audrianna was not a fan of that. We ended up getting further back from the falls but still enjoyed the fireworks. They weren't anything special. But still enjoyable. 

After a long day and two overly tired kids we headed back to our hotel a little after 10pm. Instead the hotel Ella found the Statue of Liberty and wanted a picture with it. 

Our first day of vacation went well. Audrianna did pretty good on her first road trip. 

Coming soon more in Niagara plus a surprise trip to Pittsburgh. 

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  1. What an awesome trip you have had so far! I can not wait to see what you do Pittsburgh!!! You will LOVE my hometown!!!!!!! HUGS


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