Fall Fun Weekend

I needed a day or two to recooperate after a pretty much non stop weekend. So did Audrianna. She was fussy, huggy, cuddly, hungry all day Monday I didn't get anything I was talking with a girlfriend this morning that Aubriella was well behaved all weekend. She reminded me we were barely at home and on the go doing a lot of fun stuff that didn't let her have time for an attitude or temper tantrum, which is right. It was nice and we had a lot of fun, but this will not be the norm for every weekend. 

We planned a fall fun family filled weekend. It is the last weekend that I have Aubriella before Halloween and we wanted to get a bunch of stuff checked off out Fall Bucket List. The weather was the perfect all weekend and Brian didn't have any work. We told the kids we had a bunch of "surprises" for them. We do this just in case something doesn't go as planned or we can change our surprise and they will never know and not be disappointed. 

~ Friday  ~

Friday I started finding the kids hats, gloves, and coats for colder weather. Audrianna looks so adorable in this pumpkin hat that I had made for Aubriella before she was born. Now if I only had a cute orange outfit for her to wear. 

Right after school we picked up Ella and headed to her first surprise. The Halloween Fair at Carlilse Reservation. We go every year for the past 7 years and the kids love it. From 430-630 is family friends then at 730 it becomes "haunted" for adults and older kids. When we normally go traffic is backed up and lines are long. This year we got there right when they opened at 430 and we had no lines. First up we rode the green choo choo, Austin was in heaven. It takes you around a circle to see a bunch of cute Halloween blow ups. With it being so quick that we got on and go going I forgot to take pictures. 

After riding the green choo choo we went on the Halloween walk. This year was a little disappointing, you could not walk through the haunted houses, where previous years you could. My favorite part is the pumpkin pond. Austin looks scared because he was afraid he was going to fall in.

Instead of taking the stroller I decided to wear Audrianna. I don't think she has complete head/neck control/strength yet so I still wear her facing me. She is such a nosey butt and wants to see what is going on she got fussy. As soon as I turned her around and held her looking out she was perfectly fine. 

Family picture of the 5 of us. 

The fair wouldn't be complete without the kids getting their pictures taken in each wooden cut out. 

There was about 10 different cut outs and they both got a picture in each one. 

This year we let the kids play the little fair games. It was 12 tickets for $5 and each booth took one ticket. After you played each game you always got a coin. You traded the coins in for little prizes. The kids had a blast. I loved that they always won so there were no tears. Some of the games where ring toss with a witches hat, ball toss into a Halloween bucket, a duck race, etc. 

After the Halloween Fair we headed home and grabbed a bit to eat. We decided on take out and bringing it home to eat. Austin wanted mac and cheese, Ella wanted a burger, and I wanted a pumpkin milkshake. We stopped at KFC and Swenson's. We went home and ate dinner then relaxes for the rest of the evening. The kids played in the basement and I watched a Hallmark movie.

~ Saturday ~

Saturday morning was suppose to be a day of sleeping in, our plans didn't start until noon. Aubriella and Austin had other plans. They were both up before 7. Ella doesn't eve get up this early for school. Thankfully Ella knows how to work the tv and turned on cartoons for them to watch. Audrianna woke Brian and I up a little before 8 so ur day started. 

To my surprise Brian bought me flowers for Sweetest Day. I am normally on top of these things and I didn't even realize that it was Sweetest Day on Saturday. But these flowers are gorgeous.

I split my bouquet with Ella since she was a little jealous. 

Right after breakfast Ella asked to shrink her shrinkedinks. They are plastic that you color then put in the oven and the shrink. It is pretty neat. I remember doing them as a kid. 

Then it was time to get ready for the day. We had some family pictures planned which meant a few quick haircuts and showers for everyone. The kids knew we were getting pictures done but didn't know that their Aunt Leah was the one taking the pictures and we took them at Mapleside Farms. We double dipped in some fall festival fun and photos. 

When we arrived at Mapleside Farms it was set up so different from previous years. We parked on the opposite of the farm than we are use to and the lay out of activities were more spread out. We headed to the front to get some photos taken before the kids got dirty from the fun. 

After some photos Audrianna was hungry. I found a less crowded place to sit and feed her while the other got in line to ride the huge slide. 

Next we checked out some teepees, participated in a duck race, and rode the hay ride. At that time Aunt Leah and her husband (Brian's brother) Brandon had to leave they had other plans. Ella and Austin were getting hungry so we headed back up top for food and some fun.

After eating lunch and while Brian was in the store buying some local wine the kids played on a huge "pillow" and play ground. Austin didn't want to leave but we had more still to do. 

The best way down the hill is down the slide. Ella won.

Even Brian got in on the fun. I walked down the hill with the stroller. 

Austin got the slow lane but still had fun. 

The kids loved riding the pigs, as Austin called it "Peppa Pig" 

Last fun at Mapleside we did was the kids corn maze. I love the book Spookley the Square Pumpkin but my kids didn't want to read it again. They wanted to race out of the maze. 

Brian pushed Audrianna in the stroller and I took a quick selfie. 

And this quick shot of Ella. (Austin didn't want a picture taken) I can't wait to see how our family photos turned out.
We ended up spending over 4 hours at Mapleside. We all had a blast but were exhausted. There were big hills and off roading, thankful we have a jogging stroller, lots of walking, and fun. At home we ordered pizza for dinner and relaxed. 

Ella requested a family movie night and picked Hocus Pocus. Even though we have see it a bunch of times she was so into it and asked a lot of questions to understand the movie more. 

~ Sunday  ~

Sunday morning started off early. Audrianna had me up at 630. Soon after Aubriella ad Austin were up too. Sunday morning we had our normal bacon and pancakes. I surprised Ella with a mystery box from Food Stirs. One of the items in the box was Sweet Potato Pancake mix. Aubriella, Austin, and Brian made us all breakfast. 

Ella request chocolate chips. She then found cranberries that she wanted to add in too. We also had apple cider donuts that we bought the day before at Mapleside farms.

After breakfast the living room turned into a book store. Aubriella and Austin brought out a bunch of books then they were taking turns buying books. There was also lots of reading going on too. Aubriella read 3 books to Audrianna. 

I went to get ready to go shopping and found Austin in my room sitting on the floor with a pile of books reading.

Ella joined me for grocery shopping. We had an hour to get our shopping done and surprise her with going to Party City and buying a wig for her Halloween costume. We got in and out of Aldi's in 30 minutes, 20 minutes in Walmart, and 4 minutes in and out of Party City. We made it home in time for Brian to leave for work.

Brian came home from work, ate lunch, then headed outside to cut the grass for the last time this year (hopefully). 

We surprised the kids with trunk or treating at a local business. They got a decent amount of candy. Inside they painted rocks. Austin was dressed up as a fireman.

Aubriella was Mal from Descendants. Audrianna was in a frog costume but we never got a photo of her.

Ella's favorite part of trunk or treating was meeting "her parents" Maleficent and Hades. (from the Disney Channel movie Descendents 3. 

Next surprise was dinner at my parents house followed by driving around looking at Halloween decorations. There are a few houses that go all out with decorations. One house even has a pirate ship that shoots off cannons. 

We had a long fun exhausting weekend. I can't wait to do more fun soon with my family. 

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