First 6 weeks of School Struggle

We are finally past the first six weeks of school. Studies have shown that the first 6 weeks can be the hardest on kids. From a new classroom, teachers, classmates, harder work and a whole new routine. Not only are the students getting use to their new teachers ways but the teacher is also getting use to a whole new group of students. I give so much credit to every teacher for what they deal with on a daily basis.

For us this school year has been really hard. Aubriella is still in the same school as last year, but has a new teacher she didn't know, only a few kids in her class were her previous friends, her best friend is no longer in her class, subjects are harder, she isn't enjoying school as much... Plus added a new baby at home, still commuting back and forth between our house and her fathers house, new schedules/routines, and everyday life. 

Things have gotten better. We have made changes as a whole family, not just her. 

Things that have helped us:

  • Sticking to our routine/schedule 
    • morning, after school, bedtime routines
  • Getting enough sleep
    •  she needs a good 10 hours
  • Preparing her for what is ahead
    •  if someone won't be home
    •  something out of the ordinary happening
  • Diffusing Peace and Calming essential oils 
    • only do when we see her starting to really act out
  • Having her help out 
    • make her lunch
    • hold the baby
    • help with dinner
    • doing house hold chores
    • deciding on dinner or activities
  • Taking the time and talking with her about her day and really listening and engaging in the conversation
  • No Youtube or electronics
    • We are talking about getting her a tablet for Christmas but no youtube and just educational fun games
  • Remind her what our rules in our house are
I have to add that we are in no ways perfect. We still have rough days and struggles. Some days are a lot better than others but it is a work in progress. 

If you are dealing with attitude and struggles at home you are not alone. Ella is only 8, but sometimes acts like a teenager. She has gone on rants and screaming fests saying the most hurtful things, some things truthful and other things untrue but she was getting a rise out of me. We have been working through all this and having better open communication. 

It helps to have someone else to talk to. Weather it be a friend, another parent, your parents, or even a counselor. Things will get better and will also be a roller coaster. Kids also struggle and sometimes don't know how to express what they are feeling. 

Now that the first 6 weeks of school are done, we know the expectations of the teacher things have been going a little better. Every week Ella knows she has a timed math practice test on Thursday and a test in school on Friday. Ella knows that her music teacher takes pictures and videos every class and adds them to an app for parents to view. She loves coming home and watching and tell me all about music class. 

If you are struggling you are not alone. If you need someone to talk to. I am here to listen.

** Ella came home from her dad's this morning after being at his house for 4 days. She had the worst attitude, talking back, being disrespectful, yelling, etc. When she left things were great, now we are back to where we were. Sometimes you have to a step back then take two steps forward again. It is always a work in progress. 

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