Focus on Me

I am 14 weeks Postpartum. Where has the time gone? My baby is growing up so quick, my last baby. There will not be another pregnancy, another labor, another first smile, first giggle, etc

Time is flying and things are not slowing down being a mom of 3. Brian's work is staying busy (which is good), that leaves a lot more responsibility on me. I need to make time for me. You can not pour from an empty cup.

I am exclusively breastfeeding Audrianna. I feel like I am eating all the time and not making the healthiest choices. I have good day and bad days of my water intake. 

There are 70 Days until the end of 2019. I AM GOING TO END THE YEAR WITH A BANG. A lot can be accomplished in 70 days. A lot can change in 70 days. 

Time to start forming those healthy habits. I had them before now to get back to them. 
  • working out everyday 
  • drinking 100 oz of water a day
  • taking time for me
  • eating healthier for myself and my family
  • reading for fun
  • reading personal growth
Do you want to join me? or help keep me accountable? Join in a virtual community to keep each other motivated share tips and tricks, recipes, etc. Drop a comment and we will get something going.

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  1. I admire your determination to end the year on a healthy note! I remember what it was like breastfeeding (I exclusively breastfed all three boys) and holding down the fort as my husband traveled a lot for work and I know I made horrible choices in both food and movement. You have fabulous goals listed here!!


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