Friday Favorites- 3 months

Happy Friday. It has been a long week. I am struggling with getting back into a rhythm since Ella's birthday party, sleep has been rough, mornings have been cold, plans have been cancelled, Audrianna sleep schedule is all over the place, and I am just in a blah mood. 

Time for some Friday Favorites with these three lovely ladies: ErikaNarci, and Andrea.I am double dipping and doing Friday Favorites and Audrianna is 3 months old today or 13 weeks and 1 day. Time for some Audrianna updates and baby cuteness overload.

Audrianna is such a happy baby. We are past her cowlicky stage and she only cries when she is hungry, cold, or wants her butt changed. 

Lately she seems to be getting to a sleep schedule with 3 naps a day usually a few ours long. She is still not sleeping through the night. We usually get one long stretch between 4-6 hours then up every 2-3 hours. (I wrote this Wednesday, than Thursday she had 2 half hour naps all day long but then slept for 8 hours last night)

She doesn't have another doctor's appoint until next month for her 4 month check out. By our scale she weights 10 pounds

Audrianna is finally in size 1 diapers, as in last week finally. 

She is wearing 0-3 months clothes. Her Halo sleeper is a newborn still but she is growing out of it quickly. I need to find something else to put her in. 

Audrianna is exlcusively breastfeed. We are still working on getting her to take a bottle. We have even tried using formula in a bottle. Sometimes she will take an ounce with a fight for someone, but most of the time it is a straight fight and no success. Because of this I have only left her for Girl Scouts once a week, and running quick errands for an hour or so. 

She loves to be chatty and tell you all about her day. Ella and Austin will even answer her. Audrianna also giggled for the first time the other day when Austin was playing with her. 

Yes she has crazy hair but I love it. Yes I comb it to comb up, but it doesn't lay down anyways with her cowlicks and such fine hair. Yes everyone always says "wow all that hair" 

Occassionally I will catch Audrianna watching tv. She was watching Peppa Pig with Austin the other morning. 

Audrianna's head strength is doing very well. She isn't a huge fan of timmy time but we are still working on it. 

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