A Bunch of Random

This post is just a bunch of randomness. From things I have been forgetting to share, to ideas floating around in my head to, to updates, things going on, just all the things:

- I may not be in the norm here but I am ready for snow all the time. It can stay off the roads but it is pretty, bright, and puts me in a good mood. I was more excited than the kids.

- I am ready to decorate for Christmas. Brian insists on waiting until after Thanksgivings. He won't notice if I start bringing out stuff little by little.

- I am really struggling with getting a routine going for myself and my kids. Audrianna is all over the place with sleeping and eating. I struggle with finding what is going to work for us. Tonight we are going to start sleep training her in her room. Wish me luck. I have never had a baby in their own room ever, until like age 4 we co-slept. It is a hard habit to break. Austin still sneaks in our bedroom every night. 

- Audrianna is no longer being swaddled at night. She is now in the Zipadee Zip sleeper which we are loving. 

- Potty Training update. Austin is fully potty trained, day and night. He pretty much did it on his own. He had a few accidents in the beginning and occasionally he will not make it to the bathroom in time if he is having fun playing. We always make sure he goes to the babthroom before we go somewhere in the car. In September we did see a behavior pyschologist who recommended a sticker chart, take him every two hours but dont ask him every 5 minutes just take him, no pull ups just undies, and watch for clues. Some of this was also because he was 4 and had no medical reason why he shouldn't be potty trained. 

- Brian and I did a little shopping on Saturday without any of the kids. It felt so weird to not have Audrianna. We did get called back to my parents to come feed her after a few hours since she refused the bottle, but they tried.

Check back tomorrow I am sharing Audrianna's birth story with all problems I had with her delivery and Wednesday I will be sharing our weekend with Friendsgiving and another round of family photos. 

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