A Busy Weekend and Friendsgiving

Happy Wednesday. This week has been flying probably because lack of sleep. Audrianna is waking up between 4 to 6 times every night, this was even before we started to transition her to her own bed. I am only getting on an average of 6 broken up hours of sleep which leads to me running on coffee, energize, and mom endorphins. This is just a phase and it shall pass soon I hope. 

~ Friday November 15 ~

Friday after school just seemed rushed. After picking up Ella we headed to Target. I had expected Brian to be home earlier in the day or at least home in time for school pick up but that didn't happen. This meant that I had to take all 3 kids with me to Target. This was a first that I took all 3 of them by myself. (mom win) My anxiety was through the roof. Audrianna goes in the car, Aubriella listens and stuck close by, but Austin kept running off and looking at everything an showing me everything he wants for Christmas.
We had to go to the store to buy a few things, one being mozzarella for dinner. When we got home I feed Audrianna then made home made pizza. 

Ella had her second Girl Scout field trip of the year. We went to the local nature center and learned about the stars, moon, and planets. The girls enjoyed the planetarium. These events go until 830 pm. Its a rush home to get Audrianna who is ready for mommy to feed her and go to bed.

~ Saturday November 16 ~

Saturday was suppose to be a day of sleeping in. But Audrianna had other plans. We also couldn't decide what we wanted for breakfast. No one wanted to cook so we decided to try a new to us donut shop. They were a little expensive but so good. Compared to yeast donuts these were brochie dough and you didn't feel sluggish and bloated afterwards. The donut shop was so warm and welcoming. There was a couch and chair with an coffee table that had crayons, markers, coloring books, and blank paper. There were also different games through out the place that you could sit there and play. The kids colored then we headed to my parents.

My parents agreed to watch all 3 kids while we went out and did some running. Hinkley lighting had their first warehouse sale open to the public. We checked it out and found a new light fixture for our bathroom that is slowly in the process of being remodeled. 

Even though it was chilly, in the 40's out, we stopped by the local farmers market. There wasn't much there and didn't find anything we needed. It was nice to get out and get fresh air though. We had lunch at a new restaurant in the area BiBiBop Asian Grill. I got a super food salad with eggs, carrots, cucumber and chicken. It was really good. My kids would not have liked anything they offered. 
After lunch we did a little shopping at Trader Joes. I was a little disappointed. So many people are posting on Insta stories what they got at their Trader Joes haul and my Trader Joes didn't have what I was really looking for. Then we made a quick stop to BJ's warehouse and went back to my parents to get my princess.

Saturday was the first time we got out of the house and Audrianna was with a sitter. I have only ever left before with Brian watching her. I left my parents formula and 5 different bottles to try. They were able to get her to drink a 1/2 an oz and that was it. Then I got a text that I needed to come back my princess needed me. My mom also gave her a sucker for the first time. She seemed to enjoy it. 

Saturday night I hosted our 3rd Annual Friendsgiving. 

Between my sister, my girlfriend, and myself we have 8 kids. Here are 4 of them. 

It was a great night with awesome night. Audrianna slept most of the time, the kids spent most of the time downstairs (they did get yelled at a few times), and we had some good adult conversations. We really need to get together more than once a year.

~ Sunday November 17 ~

Sunday morning was a busy one. We had been gifted a family holiday photo session with a girl we use to work with who now has a photography business. Ella asked if she could wear a different shirt. So we all switched up our shirts and all just matched wearing plaid.

Sunday breakfast was bacon and pancakes. Ella grabbed her apron and helped Brian make breakfast. 

After breakfast I cut Austin and Brian's hair, feed Audrianna a few times, all 5 of us had showers/baths and we were out the door on time for our pictures. Our pictures were taken on a farm with horses, chickens, ducks, a red barn, and a fire place. I can't wait to see how they turn out.
After pictures we grabbed my favorite BBQ, Mission BBQ and brought it home for a late lunch early dinner.

Something came over my kids on Sunday afternoon. Austin cleaned up the living room and started vacuuming. 

Aubriella helped Brian wash dishes. She was excited and so happy to be helping. (She has done dishes for the last 3 days without being asked)

I also went grocery shopping by myself and got lost in Target for a while. I came home to Brian and the kids playing hide and seek.

Audrianna slept a lot on Sunday with being in the car and having an off schedule. She went to sleep at her normal time that night too. I have transitioned her from a swaddle to the Zippadee Zip sleeper. She seemed to have liked it. Her sleep was the same as what it was when she was swaddled. I say was because the last few nights have been very rough and only get between 4-6 hours. 

After all the kids were done to sleep (Austin was really like watching TV with Brian in the living room), I enjoyed a nice relaxing bubble bath and continued reading a book.

We had a great family and friends filled weekend. Aubriella's behavior was amazing. We had no talking back and no attitude problems. 

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