Audrianna 4 months and Aubriella 8 year check up

Happy Monday. Last week was rough from health scares, to lack to sleep, to doctors appointments, to much on our schedule, to a fun surprise, and a 4 month old clinginess. But now it is a new week. Not going to sit here and dwell on the past, lets look at the future. Its Thanksgivings week. A short week of school, with a surprise on Wednesday for the kids, and FINALLY get to put our tree up next weekend. 

Last week Ella finally had her 8 year wellness check and Audrianna had her 4 month wellness check up. I by chance got them in on the same day one right after another. It wasn't even planned that way but worked out wonderfully. It was a pretty smooth appointment. We left Austin at home with a sitter knowing it was going to be a long appointment and he is the wild one. 

Aubriella is healthy with no concerns. She is actually got glasses over the weekend while she was with her dad. I can't wait to see her in them. She had them before but they were just for reading, then they she said they weren't helping, it was a fight, they got to small... we finally took her back and she needs to wear them all the time. 
She was so funny about the flu shot. We told her that she doesn't get any more shots until she is 11 or 12. When we told her that she has to get her flu shot every year she flipped out. She went and hid on the ground next to the table. We explained to her with Audrianna being so little she can't get the flu shot yet and we all want to keep her health and keep ourselves healthy and the best way to do that is to get the flu shot. Brian ended up holding her while she got the shot. She was fight and flipping out. As soon as it was done she was like "Whatever" No tears no pain nothing. She can be so dramatic at times. 

Audrianna is 4 months already. She is growing up so fast and getting such a personality. 

Her hair use to spike up all the time. Now it is getting to heavy and just lays down. Anywhere I go all you hear is "oh my that hair" She has a lot of it and it is wild and I let it run free. 

Audrianna is starting to love her Snow White. (makes mommys heart so happy)

We are going through a 4 month sleep regression and starting to transition her out of our room and into her crib. We have good night and bad nights but we will get there. We are learning what works with her and what doesn't. 

Now onto to technical stuff:
Weight: 12 lbs 2 oz.
Height: 22.5 inches long

Audrianna's head is measuring big. They originally wanted us to go see a neurologist then decided they would just recheck her hair in one month.
We do have to schedule an appointment with a urologist to get out Audrianna's lady parts.

She loves:
playing with her feet 
gets bored and likes to switch from toy to toy
loves her family
still refuses a bottle or pacifer
favorite toy is a crinkle book
loves to be sung to
not a fan of tummy time 
wearing 0-3 month clothes (probably will be out of them in the next month)
size 1 diaper
has the fear of missing out and wants to see everything going on

Overall the kids are doing great.

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