North Pole Breakfast and Holiday Weekend

Happy Monday. We have been an amazing family, fun, festive holiday weekend. It has been nice to disconnect and really spend time with the family. (Yes I have been posting on Instagram and Facebook a little but not scrolling) 

~ Tuesday November 26 ~

Tuesday was the last day of school for the week. Ella's school had Dine to Donate with Panda Express. 20% of the proceeds would go to her school PTA. We always try to participate when we can. We ordered the kids food but they were not a fan of it. Brian and I enjoyed our meals, but Audrianna we believe isn't happy with me eating spicy food. 

Some time on Tuesday a little boy got a hold of my phone. I deleted 50 selfies and random photos. 

I love finding the reality ones of Austin taking photos of me breastfeeding Audrianna. Now if I only ever looked cute. 

Tuesday night Ella went to her dads and Brian worked late. Austin, Audrianna, and myself had a chill night of watching Christmas movies.

~ Wednesday November 27 ~

Wednesday morning I took both kids with me to go pick up Aubriella from her dads. Normally they stay home with Brian. Brian didn't get much sleep that night so I let him rest and took the kids with me. We took extra long time getting home, stopped and got donuts and coffee, ate in the car at the park, then went home quietly and hung out in the basement until Brian woke up. It worked out nicely since Ella didn't have school and we weren't in a rush to get home and get ready for school. The kids enjoyed their surprise of donuts and special mommy time.

My mom and niece came over a little later. Brian had a doctors appointment and I wanted to go with him. The plan was to take Audrianna with us and my mom would watch Austin and Aubriella. Audrianna had just fallen asleep just before we left so we left her home. She ended napping the whole time we were gone, which was nice. 

The real reason my mom was coming over was to watch Audrianna while we surprised all the older kids with a movie. 

We saw Frozen 2. I won't give any spoilers but we all enjoyed it and I want to see it again to really take it all in. It was however the most expensive nap that Austin ever had. He fell asleep 10 minutes into the movie and woke up 15 minutes before it ended. 

The rest of Wednesday was low key hanging out at home.

~ Thursday November 28 ~

Thanksgiving morning. Look all 3 kids are smiling. I don't know how I did it, and it will probably never happen again.
The morning consisted of pancakes for breakfast, watching the Macy's Day parade, going through the Black Friday ads, and making sweet potato casserole to take to my moms. 

After the parade we all had showers/baths and got ready. We actually got out the door in time. Our family of 5 heading to out for Thanksgivings. We dropped Ella off with her dad and headed to my parents for dinner. 

My sister and I being goobers at my parents.

After dinner at my parents we went to Brian's parents house for dessert. It was a very relaxed low key holiday. We didn't feel like we were rushing around to see everyone, or getting things done, and it was wonderful.

~ Friday November 29 ~

Friday morning with my touchdown baby. She was ready for a weekend of football in our house. 

We switched things up this year based on when we had Ella, wanting a relaxing Thanksgivings, and Brian not having to work all weekend. We decided to decorate the house Friday morning while Ella was still with her dad.

I picked up Ella and started decorating the trees. We have one upstairs and one downstairs this year. Ella always puts the tree topper on the one upstairs. (The tree in the basement is to tall for a topper with our dropped ceiling) We had a fun night of pizza, Christmas music, and decorating.

Audrianna helped by wanting to eat a Disney Mickey and Minnie on a sleigh ornament. 

Austin keeps rearranging and showing you all his favorite ornaments. (knock on wood only one has been broken so far this year and Brian acciddently did that one)

Ella had the most fun doing the decorations.

I love the sparkle in Audrianna's eyes with seeing the Christmas tree, lights, and ornaments for the first time. 

Our tree upstairs

The tree downstairs. The kids did all by themselves, all the ornaments are plastic and no risk of breaking. As you can see by all the ones of the ground it may not have gone very well but they had fun. It is all about making memories, not about being perfect. 

~ Saturday November 30 ~

Saturday morning our Elf, Gus Gus came back from the North Pole for his traditional North Pole Breakfast.

This year we only did snowman donuts and had a low key breakfast. The kids loved the donuts and Austin asked for snowmen all weekend until he ate the whole bag. 

Austin woke up before Ella. He first crawled up wit me and on the couch to cuddle. I asked him if he saw what was on the table. He was peaking over and nervous to go see Gus Gus. (the hands in his mouth means he is nervous) 

Saturday was the biggest game of the year for Ohio State Football. We played the team up north and won. (not surprising) 

We ended the night with a little #selfcareSaturday Ella had been asking to do these masks for a week and we finally found time to do them. She wasn't a huge fan of the sheet masks, she prefers a rub on mask. 

~ Sunday December ~

The first day of December. It is hard to believe that it is the last month of the year and decade. We had a pretty low key slow morning. Brian did dishes and made breakfast. Audrianna and I enjoyed watching Christmas movies while Ella and Austin played in the basement. 

Ella and I did some grocery shopping. When we got home the rain had stopped and the sun came out. Brian and the kids started to put up Christmas decorations outside while watching the Browns game. It is a sore subject with Brian. All the decorations didn't get done because another round of rain came through.

Audrianna hasn't been feeling well. She slept, ate a lot, and wanted to be hugged. She did let me put her down for a little bit while she watched some football. (some random game)

Brian grilled dinner of salmon and asparagus. He also grilled steaks for our salads for lunch this week. We also had a little of the steak with dinner. 

Overall we had a great family filled fun weekend. Not much arguing it was great I didn't want it to end. 

Posting this Monday morning, both kids were up by 630, Ella has an attitude with her brother already. It is time for her to go back to school. 

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