6 Months

Happy 6 months to my little princess. Well Audrianna is over 6 months, like 6 and a half months already. Time is really flying by. 

Fast Facts: 

- loves to grab things especially the back of my hair
- loves bath time as long as she is sitting up and not reclined
- just switched to size 2 diapers last week
- wearing 3-6 month clothes
- such a happy baby 
- smiles with her eyes and from ear to ear
- hates to sleep, wakes numerous times a night and doesn't nap well
- loves to talk
- can roll from her stomach to her back when she wants to
- can sit unassisted for short bursts
- enjoys being read to (and eating books) 

- still exclusively breastfeed. We are still working to get her to take a bottle. Friday night Brian and I had our first date night away for 3 hours. My parents had Audrianna, got her to take a little bit of a bottle and she cried herself to sleep.

- We are doing baby led weaning. Audrianna sits at the table with us for breakfast and dinner, unless she is sleeping. We put food on her plate for her to try. For breakfast we also try oatmeal as recommended per her doctor for iron.

I usually end up helping her feed herself and letting her try my food. She really enjoys tacos, pitas with hummus, and gold fish.

Another favorite pickles.

Weight: 14 lbs 8 oz
Height: 24 inches

Health update

Many of you know that Audrianna had to get an ultrasound of her brain last week. The size of her head jump in their charts. She went from 14 % to 65 % to 73%. Even though all her developmental stuff was on track and she acts completely normal. They recommended for her to have an non-invasive ultrasound done while her soft spot is still open. If we would have waited they would have had to do a more invasive procedure of a catscan with sedation. 
Even though the ultrasound was non-invasive it was still hard to deal with. I had to hold Audrianna's head still for the tech could get good readings done quickly. It was a good 15 minutes of her screaming and crying. I was so thankful when it was finished and I could cuddle, comfort, and feed her.
Thankfully her ultrasound came back normal. Her head is just growing quicker than the rest of her small little blody

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