Friday Favorites - Christmas Break

Hey friends. Happy New Year!!! It is the first Friday of 2020. Ella's holiday break is coming to an end. Austin is starting preschool two days a week starting next week also. I am ready to get back some normalcy and figure out a routine that works for all of us. 

Now time for some Friday Favorites with these three lovely ladies: ErikaNarci, and Andrea. Here is some of our excitement so far over Christmas break.

Ella got of school a little early on the last Friday because I was there for their holiday party. We went home and fed the baby then headed out the door for the first part of our mother daughter date and part of her Christmas present. Ella had requested Red Lobster a few weeks before so I surprised her and took her out to dinner. She loves crab legs and she can crack and remove most of the meet herself (if they are cooked properly).  

After dinner we headed back home to feed Audrianna. (one day she may take a bottle). Then headed off to her next surprise. We saw a local production of the Nutcracker. It was really good. I have to say it was edited based on the talent they had and made it harder for Ella to understand. (the Mouse King wasn't dressed as a mouse, some of the main characters played two main roles) She enjoyed it, next year I want to take her to a different production. 

Saturday night Brian and I had plans to have dinner with two of his brothers, Austin and Aubriella were going to my parents. While getting ready we took this impromptu photo that I love, I just need a longer arm.


Sunday morning breakfast. Trying to squeeze all the fun stuff into the little time we have with Aubriella this holiday season before she goes to her dads. (There was also driving around looking at Christmas lights a few nights with Home Alone playing on the van dvd player to keep the kids entertained and not driving me nuts telling me they are bored.)

Sunday we finally made Christmas cookies. I had been putting it off since I know sweets are my weakness and I would be tempted to eat to many (which has happened). 

We stopped by my parents house on Monday before Ella went to her dads. Did you know blow up decorations become ride on toys? Yeah me neither.

My little princess on Christmas Eve looking cute while she was sleeping. She did a lot of sleeping and eating. 

We started off on Christmas Eve at my parents house for dinner. Our tradition is homemade lasagna. 

My mom got baby cuddles. Austin played with Claudia and had a good time. 

We ended the evening celebrating with Brian's siblings, at least the ones that were in town. We do an ornament and white elephant exchange while playing a game. A few years ago we started the tradition of the sirran wrap ball with money in it. It is a lot of fun. 

Christmas morning was low key for us since we didn't have Aubriella and the night before was late. Shockling the temperatures were in the 60's. Brian declared it Hawaiian Christmas. His one brother and him wore Hawaiian shirts to Christmas. 

This year I didn't get Ella until noon on Christmas day, we make special arrangments with Santa Claus to stop by a day late. I catch Santa leaving after he dropped off lots of presents. 

Our Christmas morning. We waited for my mom to come over and watch the kids open presents. 

After presets we tried a family photo. The kids were tired, hungry, and wanted to play with their toys. Our traditional photo didn't go to well.

Since it was a gorgeous day, we took advantage of it. Family walk/bike ride on December 26 with temps in the 50s, I'll take it if I can't have snow.

Another surprise for the kids, using another Christmas present we received, and another gorgeous day in December. We made a trip to the Cleveland Zoo. Ella loves her "mephants" as she calls them.

We always have to get a picture on something, this time was the turtle. 

Austin really wanted to ride the tram/train but they couldn't accommodate our stroller and infant car seat. Instead we let the kids ride the carousel. 

It was a gorgeous day, perfect cool weather, and we all had fun. Plus we saw more animals than what we do on a normal zoo visit when the weather is warmer. 

Austin got a few games for Christmas. He loves playing games and it getting better at following the rules. One night (without Ella here) we played for a good two hours. Right here we are playing "Don't Drop Chase" which is a Paw Patrol version of Don't Break the Ice. 

We have started Baby Led Weaning with Audrianna. She is interested in food, and can take hold the food and put it towards her mouth. We are still working on her actually eating it. She does taste it and feel the texture. It is all part of Baby Led Weaning and she is doing awesome. Here she had toast with butter. 

She enjoyed playing with pancakes too. 

Audrianna's calm spot. She likes in lay in Austin's bed and look at the Christmas lights. What are we going to do when I finally take down all the Christmas decorations?

New Years Eve we spent at home with the kids. The plan was a bunch of junk food, playing games, and watching fireworks on the TV.

Audrianna went to bed at her normal time. I would go upstairs and feed her in her room like it was any other night. 

Happy New Year. We all stayed up until midnight. I went to the bed first. Austin wasn't far behind. 

Not only did I buy the crowns. I also bought these blowy noise makers that I hate, but I did it for the kids. 

We don't watch the traditional ball drop from Times Square. Instead we live stream the fire works from Disney World Magic Kingdom. Brian had also found a youtuber who was live streaming his adventures at Epcot that day. We watched that in the background while we were eating and playing games. 

Only a few more days of break with a surprise play date for Ella, and taking down all the decorations so I can have a house back. 

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  1. It looks like you all had so much fun over the break! Haha I didn't know that about blow up decorations, but there you go. Our break ended the day after new year's but that's great you get a few more days. I hope you have a great weekend!


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