MLK Weekend Recap

Happy Tuesday. We had a nice long 4 day weekend. I am ready to get back to our normal schedule and enjoy our short week ahead. Today Audrianna has to have an ultrasound of her brain. I am a nervous wreck. Thoughts and prayers would be greatly appreciated. To distract me here is a little weekend recap with the highlights. I was not on my phone much this weekend. I was in the moment spending time with my kids and Brian. 

~ Friday  ~

First started off as a slow morning for the kids and myself. Brian had to leave for work early. We slept in, didn't get dressed for most of the day, and just had a lazy morning. There was lots of legos and fort building downstairs. 
Ella had a play date on Friday also. She was treated to 6 hours of playing with a girlfriend without being bothered by Austin. She went to her girl friends house. 

~ Saturday ~

We finally got snow again. We got a few inches overnight. The kids decided to go outside at 730 in the morning and help Brian shovel before he had to go to work. 

The weather for the rest of Saturday was suppose to warm up and melt all the snow and rain all day. It was a go outside now or miss the opportunity to play in the snow.

  Austin last 5 minutes before he got snow in his boot and got cold 

After playing in the snow the kids came in for some hot chocolate, breakfast, and some tablet time. Best investment for their tablets has been ABC mouse. 

Saturday was also father son date. For Christmas Austin got tickets to see Monster Trucks. He was so excited to go. 

To say he loved it would be an understatement. Two days later he is still talking about the big trucks. They had a great time with memories forever. 

Since the boys had their time alone. The girls had to have a date also. We had a mother daughter daughter date. Originally we were suppose to go to the east side and meet a fellow blogger at her event. With the snow, my van was acting funny, and Miss Attitude we decided to stay local. We had lunch at Ella's choice of McAllister's. 

Audrianna had her first taste of a pickle and loved it. 

Next we hit up the mall. Found some fun stuff at the Disney store. Then we headed to the store for some fabric. The whole time in the store Audrianna is screaming. We made it a quick shopping trip then headed home to feed my princess and get out of the cold and rain.

The night ended with the kids behaving themselves, playing in the forts, and having a movie night. 

Ella got a snowman face mask for Christmas and got to use it before bed also. 

~ Sunday  ~

I don't get morning cuddles with Austin very often anymore. I snuck into his bed and stole cuddles. 

Brian and I went to 3 open houses. We are planning on moving over the summer and wanted to get ideas of what we could afford in the city we want to move to. We also did a quick shopping trip with Brian's mom watched all three kids. We took Audrianna to look at houses with us and she slept the whole time we were grocery shopping. 

The rest of Sunday evening we spent at home staying warm and watching more snow fall.

~ Monday ~

Monday morning we woke up to 5 inches of fresh snow. The kids got out after lunch to play. It was light and fluffy and wouldn't build a snowman though.

Aubriella got a kids sewing machine for Christmas. She wanted to make a pillow and blanket for one of her stuffed animals. When we were shopping the day before we bought fabric. While Brian had Audrianna for a little while, we sewed a pillow and blanket. 

I brought down my box of Valentine's Day decorations. Inside the kids found we had silicone heart mold. We made some heart chocolate brownies. 

Audrianna had her first brownie. She loved it. but who doesn't love chocolate.

The night ended with watching a zoo show, playing a match game, and bath night. 

~ Weekly Menu ~

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  1. Sounds like a fun and relaxing weekend! Hoping everything with your little one goes well xo


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