Friday Favorites

Hello Friends Happy Friday. I am ready for the weekend. Sunday is suppose to be in the upper 50s and we have a fun outdoor surprise for the kids. We have all been stuck in the house with the kids passing around a cold with fevers. Bring on Spring, warm weather, more sunshine and day light savings. 

Time for some Friday Favorites with these three lovely ladies: ErikaNarci, and Andrea.

~ ONE ~

They are both growing up. Audrianna is sitting up on her own and playing with Austin. Austin is also sharing with his sister and making sure she doesn't eat any of his Hot Wheels or trains. 

~ TWO ~

The look on Audrianna's face while eating a pickle. She ate half of it and enjoyed it. 


My beautiful wallpaper wall made out of coloring pages, 42 pages to be exact. Austin enjoyed coloring pages and taping them to the entryway wall. He also enjoyed showing it to everyone who came over, on FaceTime, and numerous photos with my phone. I love his creativity but now that the photos came down I living room feels less cluttered. 

~ FOUR ~

Guess who passed the first group of timed math tests, As her reward from her teacher she got a giant candy bar of her choice. 

~ FIVE ~

Enjoying sleeping cuddles from my baby princess. She isn't normally a cuddler while she sleeps but she has been fighting a cold and wants all the mommy cuddles and extra feedings too.

~ SIX ~

I am going strong on consistency of getting a workout done everyday. Plus a huge debate in my virtual gym and Instagram over if I am wearing pants in this picture. 


It was hat day at Austin's preschool. His hat of choice was his Mickey Mouse baseball cap.

I joined in the fun and wore my Mickey Mouse baseball cap too since it was raining and I didn't want to fix my hair. If you would have asked me a few years ago if I wore hats that answer was No, now I have two hats to grab and go with. Yes both are Disney hats.

Somehow after Austin came home from school Mickey Mouse ended up joining in our hat day fun.


Audrianna may not be exactly on the move just yet, but she is getting more tummy time on the hardwood floors. She has been moving backwards a little and in circles. Soon enough I will have to really child proof the house again.

~ NINE ~

We are having crazy Ohio weather again. Mother Nature doesn't know what she wants. Yesterday the temps were in the 50s again. The sun was shining and it was gorgeous out. Audriannan and I got a little walk in. Austin and Aubriella were also outside running around and riding their scooters. Fresh air is what our bodies needed.

~TEN ~ 

Austin found a little friend just his size at JCP. He had to have a picture. 

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