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Let the craziness begin. In case you haven't heard, ALL of Ohio's schools are on a mandatory Spring Break for the next 3 WEEKS because of the coronavirus. Then our school district goes back for 4 days and then are off for their official Spring Break, and our planned vacation. I love my kids, but I may go nuts in the next three weeks. If it were summer and it was nicer outside they could play outside all day, or we could go places (the zoo, library, park etc) but that isn't going to be the case. I say that as I type this it is 45 degree outside and sunny, but feels like 37 and my kids are outside riding their bikes. (and the baby is sleeping). I will take this few minutes of sanity that I get. 

Time for some Friday Favorites with these three lovely ladies: ErikaNarci, and Andrea.

~ ONE ~

Nursing time turned into cuddle time. Some days it is the only time I get to sit down and relax. 

~ TWO ~

For the past week every night the kids have requested to play Charades. Yes they saw if on Frozen 2. I'm not complaining since we are spending time together as a family and not on electronics


Tuesday night Audrianna was asleep by 630. She fell asleep in Brian's arms as they were cuddling in the bedroom. We left her in our bed thinking she woke wake up in 20 minutes and be ready to go back to bed at 715 like normal, its not usual  for her to take a quick nap then go to bed. To our surprise she stay asleep until 10pm until I put her in bed. She woke up I feed her and she slept again until 130. Woke up at 330 and then not again until 730. Why can't all nights go like this. 

~ FOUR ~

Austin has been getting out the trend of taking naps. This past week he has taken naps on the days hasnt had school. One minute he was watching tv, the next I look over he is using Mickey Mouse as a pillow.

~ FIVE ~

Look at that little smile. Such a happy little princess out for her second walk of the day. We did over 2 miles.We took the kids on a 30 minute bike ride to wear them out and enjoy the fresh air.

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  1. We have the same schedule here but they don't go back between this and regular spring break, so 5 weeks off total, at least, with nowhere to go to get out of the house. They are supposed to do school from home but who knows how that will go. I am really quite happy my kids aren't young still - I don't envy you!


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