April Intentions

April is here. With so many changes and different things happening in the world I am sure I didn't get most of my March intentions done. At least for the month of April I know we are still social distancing so no interactions outside our household. Lets take a look:

Lets recap my intentions for 2020

- Use planners/calendars to stay organized
- Purge stuff we don't need/want
- Clean Schedule
- Natural Products
- Monthly Date with Brian
- Monthly Kids Date one on one time
- Be more present
- Be more intentional no scrolling
- Best Version of Me

Right now without my calendar I probably wouldn't know what day it is. Purging is giving me something to do. I still haven't done a cleaning schedule. We have been using more harsher cleaners at least once a week, like Lysol to disinfect but for everyday use (like washing windows and dusting) we are still using a normal natural cleaner. No dates out of the house are going on. I am more present, less scrolling because social media can be scary and a trap right now and I have to share my laptop with Ella doing school work.

March Intentions
  • Purge - kitchen clothes and bathroom Yes 
  • Clean Schedule - print it out and do it No
  • Natural Products- Yes and NO
  • Monthly Date- Brian No
  • Monthly Kids Date Yes I did have a special car ride date with McDonalds Shamrock Shake
  • Be More Present- no phones in before school Yes 
  • More Intention On Phone- Remove apps dont' use Yes
  • Best Version of Me- Focus on nutrition No Started off the month strong then it went down hill with bored and stress eating. 

Now for my April goals. They are going to be family and house focused since there really isn't to much more we can do. If I don't accomplish any of these intentions either it is OK. What I plan today may not happen with 3 kids home, Brian still working, and you never know what the next press conference with the President or Governor entails. This month will be more realistic of knowing where I struggle and what I need for myself and what we need as a family.

  • Drink more water -  I know i have been slacking. 
  • Continue on my new morning routine 5 out of 7 days
  • Have a Disney vacation day - since we had to cancel our vacation
  • Get outside more with the kids 
  • Go through baby clothes in basement and donate 
  • Set up zoom chat for kids
  • Start a night routine for myself
  • Clean out email inbox
  • Teach Ella something new to cook that she can do by herself
  • Share more about my health and fitness journey
  • Do a day in the life post in Instagram stories

What are your intentions for April? Do they look different than usual with what is currently our new normal?

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  1. I'm so sorry you had to cancel your Disney vacation. :( Great goals...I definitely need to drinks more water. Thanks for linking up with Hello Monday! Tanya - The Other Side of the Road

    1. Thanks. I would rather be safe than sorry in the world today, even if Disney was still open. We will just plan for another time when there is less chaos

  2. We had to cancel our Disney vacation too. I also was switching out to more natural cleaners and decided that maybe I do want some of the harsher chemical laden stuff for right now.

    1. I keep seeing those memes on Facebook about going natural. We still use natural on a daily since we are not going anywhere but if we do go out I drag out the stronger stuff. I hope you get to reschedule your Disney vacation.


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