Easter 2020

Another holiday has passed that wasn't the same as normal. It is the harsh reality of what is going on in the world. We were originally suppose to be in Florida for Easter. Our plan was to eat dinner at Disney Springs and enjoy a day at our hotel pool. I wasn't planning on decorating or doing Easter baskets since we weren't going to be home. All that changed with the stay at home order and Disney World closing. At the last minute we decided to decorate after the kids asked. 

We didn't do much decorating. Here is a bunch of little chicks in front of the TV.

A few things on the shelves. 

Some eggs in my light up globe and a bunny home. Around the house were some old Easter baskets and eggs that the kids were playing with. Besides that we didn't have any decorations. I also need to buy new stuff but didn't want to buy anything since we plan on moving and couldn't buy anything since we limited out leaving the house. 

Easter morning tradition, bunny butt pancakes. 

Audrianna enjoyed whip cream, she also had pancakes and bacon too. Then had a bath since she was a sticky mess. 

In one of her Easter outfits. I tried to give her bunny ear hair but she wanted to fight me on it. 

I picked up Ella from her dads at 10 am. First thing the kids did was find their hidden Easter baskets. This was the first year that the Easter bunny hid Ella and Austin's basket. Ella's was in her closet and Austin's was in the hall closet. The baskets were sand buckets with shovels. In the basket was kintic sand, a grow water thingy, and a water gun. Audrianna's basket was just on the table and inside was Frozen Little People. 
Ella and Austin also got sidewalk chalk, bunny Reese's cereal, play doh, and a kids Amazon Echo. (I wanted my Echo back)

Next was the Easter egg hunt in the backyard. The Easter bunny hid 48 eggs all over. They ended up only finding 47. 

It was funny that they missed some of the eggs that were right in their face. 

Audrianna enjoyed playing with the empty eggs. Yes she kicked off her new shoes. 

Even though the kinetic sand says indoor use. I make them play with it outside. Ella cleaned off my little table and made me a heart. 

Austin played with his inside of a bowl so it wouldn't get dirty. 

Time for some Youtube shooting fun.

They used their imagination and played Toy Story Mania and acted like they were shooting the targets. They had a lot of fun and kept playing different shooting games 

Then they were riding some virtual rides at Disney World, (they weren't allowed to ride anything at Magic Kingdom since we were doing a virtual vacation a Disney World yesterday) Here they are riding Slinky Dog at Hollywood Studios

Right before dinner the kids got a little surprise. Driving through our neighborhood was a police office honking his horn and waving. 

Followed by the Easter Bunny. Austin was so excited he went to the sidewalk and waved. Ella stayed on the porch. We knew it was coming as it was planned by the PTA and I got text alerts and Facebook event updates of where the bunny was and where he was going next. 

Dinner is served. Amazing ham that I actually liked (normally I don't eat ham), homemade bread, steamed broccoli (the kids had cheese on it), homemade potato salad, and fresh green beans. It was so good and I didn't feel stuffed afterwards. For dessert I made homemade carrot cake

Time for a few pictures. Again since we weren't planning on being home we didn't buy Easter outfits, and I hadn't finished my shopping for vacation before we were ordered to stay home. 

Audrianna's little Easter bunny butt

Ella and I ended the night playing frisbee in the front yard. This was the first time EVER we played frisbee, but had so much fun. It was fun to run back and forth and try to catch it. We had some great conversation alone, which we haven't had in a while. She has already asked when we can do it again. 

I enjoyed not doing the family shuffle and spending quality time together just the 5 of us. If it were any other year, for any other reason why we were home together it would have been wonderful. We missed our families since we couldn't see them. 

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