Friday Favorites

Happy Friday and Happy May Another week of quarantine. This week has been harder with school giving more work, Ella doesn't want to do it and Brian has been working more (which has pros and cons) This mama needs a vacation. I would even take an hour away with a coffee and stroll thru Target at this point. I am ready for a warm hopefully fun relaxing weekend. 

Time for some Friday Favorites with these three lovely ladies: ErikaNarci, and Andrea.

~ ONE ~

Brian made dinner on Saturday night. We had steaks and lobster tails in the freezer that he decided to make. They were bought for Valentines Day but he was unable to make it at that time since that was when he dislocated his shoulder. 

We had leftover lobster that Brian turned into a lobster roll. It was so good I could get use to eating like this all the time.

~ TWO ~

My parents did a drive by distant visitation. Ella and Austin were so excited to see them. Austin tried to get out of the house and go give MeMaw a kiss before she left. I had to stop him. They ended up kissing through the class.

Audrianna was no so happy about them being over. She is a mommys girl and is terrified that I am going to leave her with them again. This will not be fun when mommy wants a date night after the stay at home order is lifted. 


Audrianna took a long nap (Ella was watching her as she slept) and I escaped and took a shower during the day. It was like a mini vacation, no one bothered me and it was wonderful. 

The kids were behaving and eating lunch so I decided to do my hair and make-up while I was at it. Something to make myself feel a little better. I am in love with my new Revlon One Step Hair Dryer Volumizer. I am able to dry and straighten my hair in one step in about 20 minutes compared to over an hour with a hair dryer and straightener. . Now this day wasn't perfect because I got a fussy baby, but I will take it as a win not like I am going anywhere. 

~ FOUR ~

I found these two napping together. 

~ FIVE ~

She is on the move and there is no stopping her. Baby proofing has started. Now she will sit there and cry if you leave the room still. I know soon enough that will change. 

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  1. My little one had great separation anxiety for a long while too... I make time to blow out/brush my hair as well. Makes me feel much better. That lobstertail! Yummm

  2. Aw, that napping picture is so sweet! It was just about all I could do to stop myself from going to Target this week.

  3. That lobster roll looks so good!!! And your hair looks beautiful both curly and straight!! Might have to check out that one-step dryer/straightener :)


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