Mom Life at Home Week 3

Week 3 is done. So far this has been the hardest week. We found out that schools in Ohio are closed until at last May 1st, we officially had to cancel our Spring Break vacation to Florida and Disney World, and life just hasn't gone as planned. We ended the week on a better not with a new month, new routine, and new outlook. Now if I could just find a new schedule that works for all of us that would be great. 

Monday March 30

Monday morning I picked Ella up from her fathers. She came home and napped for for 3 and a half hour when I woke her up for lunch. It sucks that she has free range and no schedule over there then comes back home and to structure and rules and sleeps away her day. She struggles so much emotional, and physically because of this but they don't see it so they don't believe it is true.

Another fun lunch with muffin holders. Ella helped with the lunch and they actually ended up eating more too since they were hungry.

After lunch we played a game of "hotel" followed by finally getting around to doing school work even though Ella didn't want to do it.

Flying baby. Photo courtesy of Austin stealing my phone.

Our neighborhood is doing rainbows in the windows as a fun craft for the kids to do, scavenger hunt to look for and count on our walks, and a reminder we are all in this together. We originally had a smaller rainbow but we decided to make a bigger one.

Lego challenge a replica of the Washington Momument.

Tuesday March 31

Tuesday morning my princess decided to get up early. She loves playing with her toys.

Big girl eating breakfast. She normally has eggs and sausage. 

Ella went to her fathers again on Tuesday night until Friday morning. These long stretches with her gone are hard on all of us, especially her. 

Wednesday April 1

Daddy has the cutest work assistant. Need to buy or sell a house? A cutie may or may not be included in the fun.

Thursday April 2

I just love her smile and excitement of pictures. 

Austin was lonely with Ella not home. He brought out all his stuffed animals to watch TV with. 

Lunch for Austin, Audrianna and myself. 

Friday April 3

Started Friday out positive with sunshine and hot coffee.

I got my workout in before lunch while Audrianna played with the princess castle I got out of storage for her.

Yard work has officially started. Ella tried to help cut the grass but the mower was to heavy with the grass so long.

Austin is back in the habit of taking naps most days. All the fresh air and playing must wear him out. Here he is sleeping with his head on me.

One of Ella's music assignments was to make some instruments at home. She made a guitar out of a bread pan and rubberbands.

Plus a kazoo out of toilet paper roll, parchment paper, and a rubber band. 

Saturday April 4

Friday night the kids and Brian made a fort in the basement. We agreed to let them both sleep down there. And they both stayed down there by themselves all night.

Here is Ella still sleeping, Austin had already come upstairs.

It was another nice day and we got out there and enjoyed it. Audrianna loves her exersaucer and being outside.

I turned on Tangled even though the kids said they didn't want to watch it. What do you know it turned into a family movie.

With some playing too.

The kids requested hot dogs for dinner. This was Audrianna's first time eating a hot dog, which she ended up loving. I also gave her ketchup and mustard. She enjoyed it and made a huge mess that ended with a bath.

While the kids had hot dogs, Brian and I had mahi mahi. 

Even though it was getting a little chilly we had promised the kids a family walk/ride. 

Austin had to get a picture too, even though he was ahead of us on his bike. He got off and ran back.

Sunday April 5

Austin has been so loving recently. He is funny with his kisses though. If you try to kiss him he says "give me back my kiss" and then he kisses you.

Went for a family drive and made surprise visits to see both grandparents. We didn’t get out of the car. The kids were excited to see their grandparents but sad they couldn’t stay and play. We are doing our part in social distancing even though we miss the hugs and the time together. We will take this time apart right now to prevent the spread so later we have many years together. Stay home dont risk potentially carrying/passing the virus that could kill our loved ones.

We also stopped and saw Brian's mom, aunt, and uncle. 

On the way home we had to make a few stops. Again we never got out of the car. Brian did have to run into one store and we waited. The kids watched Trolls on the DVD player but they were ready to get out of the car.

Ella helped Brian make brownies for our after dinner treat. 

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