Coffee Chat

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Random Coffee Chat

~ I have caved and my kids use electronics or TV way to much just to give me a break.

~ I hate leaving the house with everything going on, but I hate being home all the time too.

~ I am so over cooking every meal.

~ My kids are eating way to much Nutella. We ended up buying the large containers form Costco.

~ I randomly sing "somebody come get her, she's dancing like a stripper" way to much. Ella tells me I watch Tik Tok to much. I have not made any Tik Tok videos.

~ I have drank more beer and/or wine since this quarantine started than I have since having Audrianna combined.

~ We may not get to move this year due to income changes (welcome to being self employed and a pandemic). I don't have the heart to tell Ella that she won't have her own room soon.

~ I am more upset than the kids about not going to Disney World.

~ I have been binge watching Veronica Mars.

~ I love spending more quality time with Ella even when she drives me nuts.

~ I miss the alone time with Brian.

~ Yesterday I broke down. I have so much bottled up anger and frustration. I cried a lot, I hugged the kids a lot, and I got myself in a better mindset. I know I can't control everything so I am focusing on what I can control.

~ Ella and I have been going for a bike ride most days since Sunday. I am loving the little bit of quality time we are having together. 

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