When it Rains it Pours

Hey friends. Happy Tuesday. I am happy this month is almost over. The past few weeks have hit our family very hard. I have pulled back from posting with not knowing where to start, what to share and what not to share, and also not wanting to put it in words because then it really becomes reality. Bare with me some mumble jumble. This may seem as a very negative post of everything that has been going on, but there are some positives at the bottom. We are trying to stay positive and looking for some good vibes and hopefully things start turning around. 

Ella School
Ella is doing good with school and learning what she needs to. BUT she is struggling with the format of her assignments. A lot of her work is done via google documents that she has to edit and format. What second grader knows how to edit formats and add text boxes. I have had to help her a lot with this. 

Austin School
Austin was in preschool and speech therapy at school. Since being home all the time his speech is digressing a lot. It is getting harder to understand him again. We have been working with him but he needs that specialist intervention. 

Austin Health
Austin has another UTI, he had one this past February. He has only been fully potty trained since the end of last year. He was born with fluid around his kidney so we are always nervous for different things. He goes next month to have tests done to see what could be causing the infections. 

Credit Card Theft
Somehow some one got along of my debit card and made purchases online. I was luckily able to stop them after the first purchase and froze my card. I check my bank everyday and noticed an unauthorized transaction. I had to cancel my card and wait for a new one. This has messed up some automatic transaction that I have each month (amazon, netflix, etc)

Our finished basement has flooded twice in the past few weeks. We have lived here for 5 years and this is the first time any of this has happened. We have taken up our plank wood floor twice, had to dry carpet, and throw a bunch of stuff out. Now we are in the process of getting a interior wall basement drain system put in. The water has come up the floor and not from the walls so it is different. 

During on of the rain storms we just so happened to be putting some boxes in the attic. Brian noticed the chimney was leaving and there was a huge puddle that would have eventually leak into on of the bedrooms. Thankfully we were able to put a bucket to catch the leak. The next day our roofer friend came over and fixed it for the time being. 


Sunday night/ Monday morning I was up at 3am with Audrianna. I heard what I thought was the sink running but it wasn't. The sound was still there. I got Audrianna back to sleep then investigated more. I found there was a leak in the bathroom. I woke Brian up, he turned off the water, cleaned up some of the water and went back to bed. In the morning he looked and found a crack in a pipe. Brian's uncle came over to help. 

While working on the pipes somehow this happened. It is now fixed and no more leaks. They replaced more than originally anticipated but now we don't have to worry.

During one of the rain storms all the break sensor lights turned on, on Brian's car. We thought at first it was just water in a sensor. We took it in to be looked at to be safe. I don't remember what was wrong but it was a pretty penny to fix. 

~~~ Positives ~~~
- We have a roof over our heads
- We have food on our table
- We have amazing family and friends.
- We are in good health (minus Austin's UTI)
- Sunshine is finally here
- Austin starts Summer Camp two days a week, 3 hours a day in June that is like a preschool.
- Having Austin in school gives Ella and I more mother daughter time that she needs
- Ella has her own room again. (Austin and Audrianna are sharing)

- Audrianna had a physical doctors appointment to check her head size. We got some good news that it hasn't grown any more and that doctor is not concerned at this time. She is progressing and developing right along time. 
- We are enjoying our time safe at home with each other bonding.
- Audrianna did pretty good seeing family over the weekend and only screaming at the beginning. 

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