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Hey friends. I have updated you on our life recently. This summer has gone far from a normal summer but we are making it the best we can. Today I am sharing just a quick update from the past month, plus an update on Austin since his surgery.

The weather in Northern Ohio has been warmer than normal. The kids have gotten a lot of use out of their pool.

Plus hours of fun on their swing set. Audrianna loves swinging and will sit there and be pushed for a good 30 minutes.

We have been doing lots of family walks, going to different parks and finally the play grounds are open and we have been hitting up a few playgrounds. 

Austin had kidney surgery, which was reconstructive surgery to reroute his kidney reflux. I didn't realize how bad it was and what exactly they were doing until we got there for the surgery. It was a 3 hour procedure. He is on major restrictions for 4 weeks. Austin is only allowed to sit, walk, and lay down. That is hard to tell a 4 year old that he can't do much of anything especially over summer.
We are a week post surgery and he is doing a lot better than we anticipated. One day he did our stairs in the house twice and the next day he was in a lot of pain, no more stairs we are carrying him. The pain should subside in the next few days and then it will be harder for us to keep him from doing to much. 

I made a goal to finish an 8 week workout program before my birthday. I did it. 

I even got a little baby bicep popping out. 

Our family walks are going to look a little different for a few weeks. Ella and Austin won't be riding there bikes way ahead of us. Instead Austin will either be in a stroller or wagon. 

Happy Birthday to me. Treated myself to two cupcakes. 

Audrianna practiced for her cake mask in a few weeks.

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