Happy Birthday Austin

Happy 5th Birthday Austin. How are you already 5? It feels like yesterday that we spent a week with you in the NICU since you decided to give me the quickest birth and we barely made it to the hospital in time. 

You are full of personality and facial expressions. 

You started preschool and speech therapy at our local schools. You were improving so much with your speech until Covid.

In June you started Summer Camp two days a week. Half way through the month you had to stop for medical reasons but hopefully will be returning in August. 

In June you had kidney and bladder surgery.

Austin is very affectionate on his own terms. Most kisses are on the cheeks.

Austin loves Ella even when she doesn't like him back.

Austin is an awesome big brother.

Austin is:
35 pounds
41 inches tall

Favorite Food:
Mac and Cheese
Pirate Booty
Gold Fish
Chicken Nuggets

Favorite Things:
Playing Outside
Snow Plows

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