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Hey friends. Happy Tuesday. How was your weekend? We have been keeping busy the past week with birthday celebrations, painting, and little by little putting out basement back together after having it water proofed. I can't wait to have that extra living space, workout space, kids play area, and TV space back. Yes all that space overlaps and we don't have a separate room for everything.
We have been busy, have crazy kids, spending less time on social, every day life, working from home .... I need more hours in the day or just to get more organized and get on a schedule. Maybe one day Audrianna will sleep better and I won't be running on mombe mode.

Here is the start of our basement getting waterproofed. The water wasn't coming in the walls like normal issues it was coming up from the floors. The way to fix this was with drainers around the whole inside perimeter. Ella said our house was an island. They did this by jack hammering a trench. The kids and I left the house because of the noise.

Day 2 they put in all the pipes. Day 3 they laid concert all around. Since everything was pulled away from the one rooms walls we decided to paint. Also it was 6 random different colors where previous owners didn't move anything when they painted. I will do a room reveal after everything is back in order. 

Taking in all the snuggles with my baby girl. We have also made it 1 year exclusively breastfeeding. It hasn’t been easy. She is stubborn and refuses a bottle. It makes life difficult on all of us at times. But I wouldn’t change it for anything. We learn and grow together.

I struggled breastfeeding Ella and only did it 6 weeks. Austin had medical issues and I was scared out of feeding him at 9 weeks. Never did I expect to go a whole year. Plus with 8 teeth in your little mouth.

I will miss these days when it comes to an end. Who knows when that will be. You have to drink milk out of a cup first. You will let us all know when you are ready.

Audrianna is 1 years old. Where did the time go. She is such a happy little girl. 

Audrianna had a fun little birthday part at the house to celebrate with just family. She was attached to my hip and didn't want anyone else like normal.

We have been having lots of family time. We enjoyed a family drive that turned into a little walk. We are planning on going back another time when Ella and I don't have on flip flops and when life is back to a little more normal.

Austin turned 5 last week. We had a small cookout for him with just family also this year. 

Austin got a surprise drive by for his birthday from the North Olmsted Firefighters. Due to covid and Austin having kidney and bladder surgery 3 weeks ago he cant have a birthday party. He was so excited to see the firetruck with its lights and sirens on for him.

Saturday morning breakfast of donuts and hitting up a park. Since Austin still isn't suppose to be running around we didn't want to go to a playground. Instead we went to the Cleveland Metro Parks and went for a little walk and saw this gorgeous waterfall.

The kids also found a rock to stand on to be "Queen of the World"

and "King of the World." You know monkey see monkey do.

Welcome to summer in July in Ohio. This was the day we had Austin's birthday cookout. We cant seem to have a nice day for his birthday.

Last week was Virtual Coach Summit for Beachbody. We should have been in New Orleans celebrating, and learning. Instead of being together we virtually got together as a team and did our workouts together (114 on at once in the photo), we blew up social media with everything that we were doing with a fun spirit week, and we partied today via zoom. We are better together even if we can't do it all in person.

Ella's school had released a proposed re-opening plans for going back to school. It isn't confirmed, things will probably change. Our county is currently at a level 3, so school wouldn't only be 2 days a week, we haven't been a level 1 since all of this started. I forsee another hard year in our future with her education. Only time will tell.

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  1. So many awesome pics! Happy birthday to the kiddos. I can't believe you made it 1 whole year of BFeeding. I barely made it to 3 months and that was with supplementing. Good for you!

    I can't wait to see the basement reveal :)

    1. Thats awesome you made it 3 months bfeeding. It is not easy.


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