6 Virtual Learning Tips to Help Kids Succeed

 You are not alone if your kids are going back to school virtually. I know many parents as well as myself are stressing over how things will run, if our kids will fall behind, etc. I have complied a list of tips I have found online that could help your situation. 

6 Virtual Learning Tips to Help Kids Succeed 

1- Set Up A Designated Work Space

    Setting up a space for school, even if it is a desk in the corner of their room or a table in the living room, can help kids get in the mindset they need to succeed. This gives them a boundary between school zone and play zone.

2- Focus on Essentals

    Do what works for your family. If you don't have the time, money, energy, or desire to be that other parent on Instagram that seems to be doing it all. DON'T! Focus on what is required for your child by the school/teacher. 

3- Clarify Expectations

    Make sure you child is aware of what is expected of them by their teacher and by you.

4- Establish A Routine and Schedule

    Start with what needs done before school (breakfast, make bed, get dressed) what is going to happen during the learning day to after learning. 

5- Be Prepared

    Make sure you have everything you need on hand. Include a pencil and paper just incase your child needs to write stuff down. Everything won't be on the computer. 

7- Relax, Ease Up. Repeat

    This is new for everyone. You are not alone. Even though everything is for a grade teachers understand the struggle. Kids adapt a lot better than we give them credit for. Teachers and schools are willing to work with families if they are aware of any struggles. 

Are your kids going back virtually or in person? What is your biggest tip for making the best of these unexpected circumstances? 

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