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Anyone else start the new month off with that little, hmm what did I buy last month from Amazon? Like it all becomes a blur until I go back through my orders. No just me. Thats my list lately forgetting what day it is and doing to much shopping on my phone. 

Lets take a look at my Amazon purchases from July

I bought this Fisher Price weight for Audrianna for her birthday. She is always stealing my weighs while I work out. She plays with it all the time.

Scissors magically disappear and reappear in our house. As soon as I got shipping confirmation two pairs showed up. I still kept these though.

Anyone elses kids obsessed with eating GoldFish? If I let them they would eat a bag a day between the 3 of them, but I don't let them. I did however order this six pack twice last month. We still have 3 bags left. They are cheaper than going to the grocery store.

We have a flag pole in front of our house that we always hang an American flag. Since moving in we have gone through our fair share of flags. This one American Flag found on lightening deal and has been the best quality one so far.

I had all the intentions of making Audrianna a 1st Birthday onsie. I ran our of time with avoiding shopping. Amazon to the rescue. What would I do without 2 day shipping. This onsie and tutu were perfect. 

I hate wearing shoes. I would go barefoot everywhere if I could. These are my favorite shoes. They are Water Socks that have a flexible hard sole. 

Another lightening deal. This Thomas the Train set was perfect for Austin's birthday. He has had hours of fun racing the trains.

My mom found these cute train candle holders that we used for Austin's family birthday party. I love that they are reusable. 

Ella wears glasses and has problems with her mask fogging her glasses. A girlfriend shared on Facebook that she bought these adhesive strips to add to her daughters masks and they are working out great. Hopefully these will help Ella too.

What is your favorite thing you bought from Amazon recently?

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  1. I love looking back at my Amazon purchases too. Great idea on ordering new scissors. Zachary lost mine.

  2. That onesie and tutu are precious!!! XO

  3. I hate wearing my glasses when I'm in a mask...frustrating. Great finds this month, especially the darling birthday outfit! Thanks for linking up with Prime Purchases! Tanya - The Other Side of the Road


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