Fall Fitness

 Happy Monday. I had such a productive weekend. We are starting to get to a good routines/schedule with virtual learning. Our school just announced on Friday that they are switching the a hybrid schedule earlier than planned. Everything we have just been getting the flow of is going to change soon. I am excited and nervous to see how this will all work out.

I shared our weekly dinner menu yesterday be sure to check it out. I am continuing to eat more veggies, and getting the kids more involved in the kitchen. 

One thing I know that I am going to keep up with is my fitness routine. Everyday I have a goal to get 30 minutes of movement in. It could be doing an actual workout program, yoga, stretching, or just going for a walk with the kids. I have noticed such a huge different in my attitude, my stress less, and how much energy I have everyday just by adding in movement.  

90 Days of Healthy Habits
Can you believe that we are coming up on the 90 Days left of the year, which actually would be October 3rd, but what's a few days early. Sometimes we need those extra days to get in the right mindset. 

My personal goal for the next 90 days is to get 30 minutes of movement each day. This could be in the form of a workout, stretching, yoga, or just a walk with the family.

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Thought of the week:
Any movement is better than no movement. Don't stand still-- keep pushing forward. Whether it's in a fitness routine, or in life, if you stand still it will be hard to move forward. Whether it's walking, running, yoga or dance, just the act of starting is better than never trying at all. And in life, you can always take a step in the right direction -- you just have to put one foot in front of the other.

October Virtual Gym Fit Community:
October is coming. Are you ready to start new healthy habits in my October Virtual Gym? Enrollment is open for Fall into Fitness Virtual Gym Fit Community now. 

What do you get when you join?

💪 100s of workouts to choose from! We’ve got every kind of workout: cardio, strength-training, HIIT, body-building, yoga, dance, barre, MMA-inspired… with more programs added regularly! Like the new hybrid strength training and running program being released to VIPs next week.
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🥗 Weekly meal plans to simplify your life
🥤 A month supply of my superfoods shake to help fight cravings and give your body the nutrients it needs
👯 Accountability - we have a supportive community that you are going to love! It’s a place to check in each day, share advice, celebrate milestones, and just connect with like-minded people! It is all done in a private facebook group.
- Me as your coach helping you, encouraging, motivating, inspiring you every step of the way.

Thank you guys so much for all of your support and love! Please reach out if you need help or have any questions!!

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  1. I love this!! It has not been easy to get work outs in with the gyms still closed here but I have been doing whatever I can at home.

    1. That sucks that the gyms by you are still closed. I would never be able to find the time to go to the gym with all the restrictions, limited hours most places, and virtual learning. Glad you are finding things to do at home


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