Ella's Birthday Recap

 Boy has it been a week. It is already Thursday afternoon and I can't tell you where the week has gone. I am back to sleepless nights with a teething 14 month old who is also really cuddly and whiny during the day. That doesn't leave much time for me to get anything done for myself, let alone sit down on the computer and type up a blog post. Fingers crossed things will start getting better soon.

Last week my baby girl, turned 9. How the heck do I have a 9 year old already? On Friday night we took her on out for a special birthday dinner. It was just the 3 of us. Each set of grandparents had a kid. (side note Audrianna did awesome with my parents didn't cry when I left, but also didn't drink any milk) 

Ella's request for her birthday dinner was crab legs. She is a huge sea food longer. We got dressed up and went to Pickle Bills in Grand River, Ohio. It was a little bit of a drive away, but well worth it. 

For a starter we got calamari. Brian and I enjoyed it. Ella wasn't a fan. I did keep scaring her with the octopus legs every time she turned around to look at all the unique decor.

She got her crab legs. This was the kids size, and she ate all the crab legs, then one extra leg of mine. I have had my fair share of crab legs places and these were by far the best. You didn't need crackers to open the legs. You also didn't need to dip the meat in butter for flavor. the meat was so sweet on its own, not salty at all. 
Brian got a perch dinner. It was the best perch we have had anywhere. We will be going back again. 

We hosted a small birthday party for her at our house with just family on Saturday. Ella insisted on a mermaid theme again (her third birthday was also mermaid thing. My mom made her a Happy Birthday Ella sign to hang up. 

Ella requested Brian's home made mac and cheese as food for her party. We decided to do a mac and cheese bar. As toppings we had chili, pulled pork, chives, onion, extra cheese, and bacon. It was a hit with our family. 

Ella's birthday cake was a mermaid tail made out of the number 9. My mom surprised her with the cake and she was so excited. The sand on the bottom is chocolate also.

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