Weekend Top 8

Hey friends. Happy Monday. Where did the weekend go? It was a fun busy weekend over here, but also relaxing and productive. Yes it was pretty much everything. But it was a great weekend. Ella's school is still going hybrid and not back to all virtual even with the rise in cases of Covid but we are ok with that. Kids need to be in school to learn properly. Here's my Top 8 from the Weekend. 

~ ONE ~

Austin's new best friend, aka himself that he made in preschool. He has taken him with him a lot of places over the weekend. Each time buckled up in the front seat. 

~ TWO ~

We had to go to my parents house while some house renovations were going on. Otherwise I would have had 3 snoopy kids trying to help/watch and it was around dinner time and I had no kitchen. I went prepared with my shake, water and salad. My parents house is the "all you can eat candy store" and I have problems over there with self control. I know I need to prepare in advance. 


I won tickets to a new to us pumpkin patch. We took the kids on Saturday for some fun. It was the perfect fall weather to do it. We were grateful for the tickets, had fun, but the place was overly crowded, no social distancing, and didn't have a lot of "Fall" stuff when you think of a pumpkin patch. They were also crazy expensive for pumpkins. The kids still enjoyed themselves never complained and had fun. But this place I would not go back to or really recommend to anyone. 

We had fun on a hay ride. I need longer arms to be able to table better pictures of the 5 of us.

There was a petting zoo that you could also buy food to feed the animals. The kids fed the sheep and goats.

Ella fed the animals out of her hand, Austin used the cup. Audrianna did pretty good in the petting zoo. She is normally afraid of animals. Like screams when my parents dog comes in the same room as her. And she also petted the sheep. 

The kids had fun riding the pony's. It only goes in a small circle but still not something they get to do everyday. 

Their favorite part of the whole place was this huge slide. They went down it 3 times and would have stayed here for hours on the side if we let them.

~ FOUR ~

We took a drive through the metroparks to see all the fall colors. It was so yellow and so beautiful. There were a lot of people taking pictures.

~ FIVE ~

This little cutie is becoming a wild one more and more each day. She is a climber officially. She can now get up on everyone's bed but can't get down herself. She can only get up on the touch if she steps on something and it could be as small as a pillow. She likes to sit on our coffee table and tries to get on the dining room tablet. I remember not having chairs at our table for a while since Austin  was a climber too.

~ SIX ~

Audrianna is loving the play make-up kit we got from Amazon to review. I love that it comes with a cute little case (not pictured) so we can put everything back away when she is done playing and it isn't in 500 places all over my house. 


Sneak peak at our new granite counters, now i have to find out what now to use on them, and what I can use on them to clean. Bonus sneak peak of a recipe coming next month. 


This year is so different with Covid. Some of our traditional Halloween fun isn't open this year. We normally do a family friend Halloween walk. This year instead they turned it into a drive through. You listened to the Halloween music on their Spotify channel and took a nice slow drive through the park and saw different cute, some a little scary Halloween scenes. 

It was nice to be in pajamas warm in the car with cups of hot chocolate. There was nothing to scary for my kids. There was a pirate ship with actors who talked to you, a spot with witches that we real but Brian drove to fast past them, and a random worker who was directing traffic came and talked to us about his skeleton brother who needed a ride home. Overall it was a lot of fun. We would go back again and would recommend to family. 

I hope you also had a great weekend. Did you do anything fun?

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  1. Sorry to hear the pumpkin patch was kind of a bust, but glad you guys had fun anyways. :) Also, the Halloween drive sounded good.

  2. The Halloween drive sounds like lots of fun, especially with the corresponding music. Thanks for linking up with Hello Monday! Tanya - The Other Side of the Road


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