Bedside Book Review - October

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It's time for my October Book Review. I have gotten into the habit of reading more again. I am putting my phone done and not scrolling Instagram, Facebook or Tik Tok as much. Especially with so much political, negativity, and hate. I want to see inspiration, food, smiling kids, and happiness. Also linking up with Steph

Here we go:

I finally finished Own Your Everyday. It was a great read only seemed like it took me forever to read because I didn't commit to sitting down and reading a paper book.
Own Your Everyday is such an inspiring book geared towards helping women feel confident in the skin they are in. It is a self-help and motivating book that women of all ages should read. It is not your typical motivation book. Jordan shares her passions, life lessons, and truths in each chapter of different situations she has been through and how it has helped her and how it can help you. She encourages you to be intentional and find purpose in your everyday life. 

You Can Drop It! by Ilana Muhlstein

You Can Drop It is a weight loss book but not your typical Don't Eat This, Eat That. It is a mindful eating without sacrificing your favor foods. It is 100% customizable to your lifestyle, you likes/dislikes with a plan that works. 

I personally have followed her mindful way of eating and lost 20 pounds (then I had Audrianna). I am getting back into full force, even with the holidays right in full swing. In the last week I am down 2 pounds. 

I was looking for a good read that wasn't so much a romance and more Halloween mystery themed. I know not my typical read but I really enjoyed the book. From a Bed and Breakfas that doesn't serve breakfast, a dead body, and something strange happening down the hall, it keeps you wondering what was going on. There were werewolves, witches and shifts (not what I expected) but still ended up being a good book.

I tried really hard to get into this book. It was not catching me. At the same time every time I went back to the book I forgot what had happened. It was boring or memorable. 

A quick heartwarming love story. I was hooked from the very beginning and couldn't put it down. Heather is a cardiac surgeon working at a hospital in Boston. She returned home to secretly check in on her grandfathers help. While home she reunited with an old friend Jake and runs into him at the most necessary times. 

I borrowed True Comfort virtually from my library. I was hesitant to purchase because some gluten free cookbooks have weird ingredients, and recipes that I would never make. I was pleasantly surprised with Kristin's book that I have already made a version of one of her recipes but tweaked it to my families liking.

Fellow blogger, Ohio resisdent, and Youtuber Mom came out with her own cookbok of her family favorite recipes. They are simple easy recipes that the family will love. We have made a few already and love them.

Currently Reading:

I am ready for all things Christmas, including romantic Christmas stories.

What have you read recently?

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  1. It's nice when you get a cookbook that doesn't require wild things, especially a specialized one like gluten free!

  2. A friend just recommended Kristen's cookbook & I'm excited to check it out.

  3. I got Kristin's book from the library too and I copied a few to try. So many ingredients that I've never heard of, I will admit that!

  4. I haven't read any of these. Glad you had a nice reading month!


  5. Looks like a fun reading month :) I need to find some fun holiday romances - maybe I'll check that one out. Thanks for sharing and enjoy your month!


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