Focusing on Yourself this Holiday Season

The weather is changing, the pandemic is still going on, the holidays are starting... It can be hard to stay think of yourself and stay motivated. Now is really the time to stay motivated and focused. The right mindset can make this time a little less stressful and stay on track, mentally and physically. When you step back from putting yourself first everything else around you starts to fall apart as well. You MUST make time for yourself. I want to tell you about an awesome Pre-Black Friday Product Party that is focused on YOU. (scroll down for 7 tips to stay focused)

You have been putting everyone else's needs before your own and now it's the time to get back to you. For anyone who has been part of the challenge groups, the #VirtualGyms, the TEAM in the past they KNOW that we are all about COMMUNITY. I want to open our doors to as many people as I can today and through the weekend and I HOPE that YOU join in our journey towards health and fitness!

My team is promo-ing and bundling ALL THE THINGS this FRIDAY, November 20th!! AKA tomorrow. This isn't anything you will find on the website only available in our Facebook group Product Party. (if you dont have Facebook but still want the deals send me an e-mail and I will get you all the details.) Want in on some awesome deals join the Facebook group. There are a few questions to answer, one is your coaches name which would be and my name is Adrienne Patenaude.

Here are some extra trips to help you through the Holiday Season.

1 - Set Yourself Up for Success

Plan your day to include your workout. Set our your workout clothes the night before, make sure you set your alarm, have your water filled and in the fridge or out on the counter, and have your workout ready to go. No one feels unmotivated more than a mom who walks to her workout space to find toys all over and no space to workout. 

2- Keep Healthy Habits In Track

Have healthy filling not sweet snacks readily available. Fueling your body for your body needs: veggies, fruits, vitamins, minerals, proteins. Be mindful and intentional. Treats are a treat and come second. 

3- Water Water Water

Drink lots of water, at least half your body weight in oz of water. So if you weight 150 pounds you should be drinking at least 75 oz of water. This helps to stay hydrated, flush toxins, give you energy, and so much more.

4- Move Your Body

This doesn't have to be an intense workout. You could go for a 30 minutes walk, do some yoga or stretching. Something to get your blood flowing.

5- It's Ok to Say NO

If you are not comfortable doing something, or have to much already on your plate say NO. Pick your priorities: yourself, your family, etc.

6- Get an Accountability Buddy

You have goals, having an accountability buddy really does work, even a wonderful group of women so are working towards their own goals. Make sure your accountability partner is your hype girl, encourages you to work towards your goals. 

7- Change is Good

The harsh reality is this year probably won't be the same for the holidays. There probably won't be your work Christmas party, social functions, less family at Christmas Eve party, etc. Make the best of it. Start new traditions. Watch those Christmas movies, drink that Egg Nog and hot chocolate (sure add some Kahula), drive around and look at the lights. 

7- Give Yourself Grace

This year has be rough for everyone. Breathe, relax, everything will be ok. Everyday will not go as planned but each day is a fresh start. 

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