Guess Who's Back

Guess Who's Back, Back Again? GusGus's is back. Tell your friends. Guess Who's Back, Guess Who Back, Guess Who's Back???

Yes I am probably showing my age. Anytime I hear "Guess Who's Back" I start singing Eminem. If you do the same thing you are my people. The same goes for "This one time" should always be followed with "At Band Camp".

Spoiler alert- not a safe article for kids to read

Last Thursday we had two male deer, aka reindeers hanging out in our backyard and the neighbor yards most of the day. It was crazy that on Friday our elf on the shelf was scheduled to return. The kids kept checking to see if the deer were outside and we kept talking about their elf coming back. They didn't know he was coming the next day, but I told them maybe the deer brought him back from the North Pole. (I couldn't make this up if I wanted it. It was crazy that the deer were there and we haven't seen many in the last few years)

Our Elf On the Shelf, Gus Gus is back a little early this year. He is in quarantine for 14 days then the fun will begin. 

He is housed in a large vase that is sitting next to our TV in the living room. I had received a special phone call from Gus Gus to prepare his house for his arrival. This story changed because Ella caught me in the basement with the red letters. (I had originally planned on using a decal I ordered from Etsy that was supposed to have arrived by the 7th and I still haven't gotten it and it is the 16th)
All the decorations are from the Dollar Tree. He is sitting on little balls of snow. The red letters are from stickers from the craft section. Ribbons from the Christmas section. I did paint snowflakes and the countdown numbers on the vase with paint I had. 

 My mom made the mask out of a Christmas snowman hand towel from the Dollar Tree. She used hot glue instead of sewing it all togheter. 

I decided to make him come early and quarantine instead of coming at his usually time so we still had a month of moving him around. (yes I am that mom). We will have his North Pole Breakast on Black Friday as if he came at normal time. 

Before anyone says it, we enjoy our Elf on the Shelf. Not everyone agrees with this tradition of having an elf to make your kids behave. Yes we do use it to our advantage, but there is more to this. The number one reason I continue to do this every year is the excitement on our kids faces every morning as they look around the house to see where he is hiding. There are so many memories that have come from this. 3 or 4 years ago Elsa (yes from Frozen) froze GusGus in a block of ice. Ella still talks about it to this day. Sometimes it is the little things that bring us joy and lasting memories. 

Does your family have the Elf on the Shelf tradition? Are you quarantining him for 14 days?

I made a blank calendar that goes from Black Friday to Christmas with an elf design if you are looking to stay organized with your Elf on the Shelf. Get it below


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