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Hey friends. Happy Wednesday. We are over here getting in the holiday spirit. Last weekend I hosted a fail of a Friendsgiving, as in all but one friend aka my sister showed up. The other two literally backed out hours before, after the turkey was already in the oven. Besides that we are planning our Thanksgiving dinners with our families and planning all things Christmas. 

Today I am linking up with Erika and Shay for Let's Look- Holiday Menu's.

There is usually lots of running around on the holidays. (which I hate) Ella also splits her holiday's between her dad's side and my side. Every other year I will have Ella for Thanksgiving morning then the next year I have her for Thanksgivings dinner. The same is for Christmas eve and day. It is really confusing for all of us. 

This year I pick up Ella at 2pm on Thanksgiving and have her until Friday evening. For us that means we will be putting up and decorating our Christmas tree on Black Friday. (we have never been black Friday shoppers. We will be having Thanksgiving dinner with my family then going to Brian's family for dessert. 

Dinner Menu at my parents:

Turkey, stuffing, mash potatoes, gravy, sweet potatoes casserole, cranberry sauce from a can, homemade cranberry sauce, corn, broccoli casserole, pumpkin pie, banana cream pie, and rolls.

I will be making the homemade cranberry sauce, sweet potato casserole, and broccoli casserole. (recipes coming soon)

Dessert at In-laws:

Normally there is a pumpkin pie and an apple pie. I will probably make a cream pie of some sort that my kids will eat too.

I have Ella for Christmas Eve this year until noon on Christmas morning. On Christmas Eve we will go to my parents for an early dinner which is always Mom's Lasagna, salad, and rolls. 

Then we celebrate with Brian's siblings (if that happens this year) with just appetizer type foods. 

On Christmas morning while opening presents with just the 5 of us, we will enjoy cinnamon rolls. Followed by a brunch with an egg casserole and presents with my family. We end the day with dinner and presents at the in-laws, usually two different get togethers but I believe one has been canceled for this year. 

This year sounds very low key and not so much running around like some years. Last year we stopped celebrating with some of my extended family because it was becoming to much. We have to do what is best for our immediate family first and foremost. Especially since we have young kids who still nap and to much excitement means no naps, rough bedtimes, and lots of stress.

What does your Holiday Menu look like this year?

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