Thanksgiving Weekend Recap

 Hey loves. Happy Monday. I hope you had a wonderful, safe, and healthy Thanksgiving and holiday weekend. We spent the weekend getting all our decorations up. I can't wait to share it all with you later this week. Lets recap our last few days a little bit.


I was up at 430 to have my alone time, my mindset morning, and to get my workout done before anyone else woke up. My body has gotten into the habit of waking up at 430 even if I forget to set my alarm. 

Brian made biscuit, sausage and gravy for breakfast. 

The kids and I watched the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade. It is still tradition even if it wasn't exactly the same as every other year. We still enjoyed it. This was one of my favorite traditions about Thanksgiving growing up.

I got Ella at 2pm from her fathers. I looked in the back of the van and saw these two holding hands. I love how sweet Austin and Audrianna can be. I hope they stay best friends forever. 

At my parents for dinner. Oh and I did a thing and cut myself bangs. It is something to get use to. I have not had straight across bangs since being a kid. (Since Friday my hair has been up in a pony tail and headband)

The kids table. You can see the toilet paper turkey and the egg carton turkey name settings. Aubriella and Austin made they earlier in the week, with my help.

The adults table and baby in the high chair not pictures. Usually the kids are not at the big table and adults end up eating on the couch. I told my mom this year we were all going to eat at the table.

We tried for some family photos. Our first try was in the house on the couch and that didn't go well at all. Try number two we went outside and I told the kids if they wanted dessert they had to behave and smile. It worked. 

I even got a cute picture of the 3 of them.

Somehow this little girl learned to take a selfie with my phone. I don't know if she had help or not. 


Up early for another workout before anyone else got up.

Gus Gus our elf on the shelf is out of quarantine and brought the kids their North Pole breakfast aka powdered donuts. We now make pancakes instead of going all fancy with foods the kids won't eat. 

We are sitting on the floor in the kitchen by the furnance while Brian makes pancakes. 

After breakfast we started decorating the house and set up our Christmas tree. Audrianna helped by stealing the stool. 

Everyone hung up ornaments. the bottom portion is all non breakable incase Audrianna grabs ahold of any. 

We put the tree in the corner in hopes that Audrianna will leave it alone and gives the kids more floor space to play. 

The rest of the evening was low key playing, reading a bunch of Christmas books, and relaxing. 


I slept in and had a lazy morning. Brian had an early appointment. We had a quick breakfast and he was out the door. The honestly spent most of the morning playing with the kids and watching Hallmark Christmas movies. 

My mom bought Audrianna this Santa backback. Some how he turned into a kissing doll. She was so cute and would kiss him then go "Ho Ho Ho"!

Since I slept in that meant an afternoon workout with my kiddos. My current workout program uses a step. Audrianna and Austin got in on the workouts while stealing my step. Good thing you can still do the workout without the step.

After dinner we went driving around looking at Christmas lights. This year there seems to be a lot more houses that have decorated. Driving around looking at Christmas lights is one of my favorite memories as a kid and I still love them now. A lot of things have been cancelled this year but it is safe to drive around, the kids watch Polar Express and look at lights. It brings me (and my kiddos) so much JOY and HAPPINESS!!!


I did not take one picture yesterday. I spent my day preparing for my week ahead. I got my menu done for the week which goes along with grocery shopping and meal prepping. I did two quick Christmas crafts from supplies I got at the Dollar Tree. I have been finding all these cute ideas on TikTok. And spent lots of time with a moody Audrianna. Brian finished the outside lights, watched the Cleveland Browns game and started working on finishing the kitchen floor. I can't wait to share our kitchen remodel. 

Hope you had a wonderful weekend. Any thing fun planned for the week ahead. We have no big plans until next weekend when Brian and I are going on a date night for an early birthday present for Brian.

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  1. It sounds like a good weekend! And I thought getting up at 5am was early.... man 4:30 would kill me! You work it girl! Have a great week!!

    1. I started at 530 then worked my way back to 430 based on having enough time to get stuff done before my little one wakes up.

  2. Isn't it fun to get the tree up? We are going to get ours this week. Your family photos turned out pretty well even though I can understand the struggle!

    1. Have fun getting your tree this week. Do you get a real tree?

  3. I seem to always wake up right around 4:30 as well. Your family photo turned out great!


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