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 Hey loves. Happy Wednesday. Can you believe that Christmas is in 2 days?

I love taking the time and talking about random things that I would discuss with my girlfriend over coffee or wine or water like this morning. A totally random post. But I love reading others randomness too. 

- This is my 5am no make-up, I should have gotten more sleep, drinking water, morning face. 

-  This year has seemed to be a lot calmer when it comes to the hustle bustle of the holiday season. We did most of our shopping this year online, before all the shipping delays. 

- I am looking forward to not having the craziness of house hopping and doing so much on Christmas. This year our holiday is getting spread out more, and some did get cancelled or changed. 

- On Christmas Eve we are doing a ornament exchange with most of Brian's siblings and their kids over zoom. Ornaments has been shipped and most have received them. 

- I am excited to just stay home on Christmas and enjoy a relaxing day. My parents, sister, and niece are coming over. But the kids just get to play and not worry about having to pack up and go somewhere else. 

- I remember hating being a kid getting a gift and not being allowed to open it because we had somewhere else to go or to many people over. 

- Monday we were running around most of the morning. I treated the kids to McDonalds for lunch at my moms. When did Audrianna get so big to sit at the kids table. 

- These two fight like nothing else half the time. Then you get times like this. 

- The end of the year is near. (hey that rhymes) I have been reflecting and planning goals/intentions for next year. This past year has not gone as planned. Hopeing to make 2021 better, even if the world isn't.

- Why do we always wait until the new year to start making changes "again"? I say this as I sit here at 5am writing this post and not drinking my preworkout to get in my workout. In my mind I keep saying January 4th.

- Monday morning I was up early, and Audrianna slept. Tuesday she was in my bed at 230am, not much sleep and no early morning me time. Today, Wednesday she is sleeping. Why can't it all be the same. 

- I still have to watch last nights Bachelorette (season finale), but I was not a fan of this season. None of the guys I really liked, but I loved that they were real dates and not as much drama. 

- We booked vacation for next summer. Fingers crossed we get to go. We have cancelled 3 maybe 4 vacations in the last 2 years with being high risk pregnancy, and Covid. 

- I was reading another blog that talked about only buying 5 things outside of what you need for 2021. Well what do I need? I need new clothes especially bras after I am done nursing. I think I want to do this. I have the habit of buying stuff and it sits. Especially if we want to save money. 

- Goal for the year is to not buy any books. I have so many on my kindle, I have a bunch on hand, and I can always borrow from the library. 

- Have you started making goals, plans, intentions for 2021?

- I still have to wrap all of Brian's gifts. That is my goal for today.

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  1. We stopped going places on Christmas day shortly after we had kids for that very reason. I felt so awful making them put away all their new toys and saying "you can play with them tomorrow." Now they're older and we could go places but we don't. The last few years we've had really relaxing/ lazy days on Christmas and I do love that quiet, slow pace.


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