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Hey loves. Happy Tuesday. How is it really the last Tuesday of the year? I am still in denial that it is Tuesday. There are only 3 days left in 2020. I am not complaining, I am ready for a new year, a fresh start, no more excuses, and getting things done. 

We are over here enjoying all the new things we got for Christmas. The kids got lots of toys, I need a bigger house. I got a new laptop (mine was on its last leg) and Brian and I got a new bigger air fryer, so I am making all the things and adjusting to the new times it takes. We are spending lots of time relaxing, organizing, and preparing for the new year ahead. I am ready to take down all the decorations and start organizing. I am joining Jaclyn and Keri in the Clear the Clutter Challenge. I am happy to admit I have taken a step back from my phone, taking pictures, scrolling social media, etc. Its refreshing, and will probably continue into the new year with being more intentional with my time on my phone randomly scrolling. 

What we have been up to:

I never shared out outdoor lights this year. I know horrible picture. You can barely make out we have a light up reindeer and sleigh. All the bushes in front have lights. There is also a "runway" of blinking lights going down the driveway. It is a lot. A lot of colors, A lot going on. but it brings us joy and my kids excitement and that is what matters. 

Christmas Eve looked a little, different this year. We normally get together with Brian's siblings and do an ornament exchange. This year we did an ornament exchange and mailed the ornaments before hand, most of which actually made it to their destination on time. We did a zoom with most of his siblings, some nieces and nephews, and cousins. (All not pictured). It was nice to see everyone. Brian's dad has so happy to see everyone.

Santa came. He didn't go crazy at our house this year.

Our traditional family picture in matching Disney pajamas. Audrianna wanted nothing to do with a picture. Disney changed the family pjs designs so Austin's is different since he outgrew the last set.

The kids dressed up

My mom brought the grandkids presents in snowmen boxes. The top was food/snacks, middle was clothes, bottom was toys.

Audrianna got two vacuums for Christmas. They have been getting a lot of use as she loves cleaning. Now if they only really worked. I got a Dirt Devil stick vacuum that is small but she won't use it.

Ella got a karaoke machine and guitar. There has been lots of music the last few days. (I need ear plugs)

Austin got wooden train sets for Christmas. He loves building different tracks everyday for his trains. These tracks are so much easier for him to do compared to the plastic Thomas trains. 

Weekly Menu:

Monday- Burgers with red skin fries, and green beans

Tuesday- Chicken Taco Bowls

Wednesday- Fish with rice

Thursday- Homemade pizza

Friday- Pork for the new year

Saturday- Local Take out

Sunday- Leftover

Taking a Break:

The next few days I am taking a step back, being intentional with my kids while they are on break, and preparing for 2021. I will be coming back loud, with spunk, lots of fun, and excitement,  I will see you back on January 4th. (ok probably a meal planning post on the 3rd)

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  1. I love those snowman boxes!! What a great idea and so fun.
    A karaoke machine, bless!


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