Monthly Wellness- January

Hey loves. Can you believe it is the end of the month already? Well almost. I have decided to start a new monthly series dealing with wellness. Each month I will be sharing about my wellness journey. Details of what exactly I am doing, what is working and what isn't working, new regimes, etc. I would love for you would join in, and share what you are doing.

What does wellness mean to me? When I previously heard the word wellness I just thought along the lines of fitness. Wellness really is so much more than fitness. When I was doing a little research I saw this quote (I forgot to write down from where) :

Wellness is an active process of becoming aware of and making choices towards a healthy and fulfilling life.  It is more than being free from illness, it is a dynamic process of change and growth. A good or satisfactory condition of existence; a state characterized by health, happiness, and prosperity; welfare.

Embarking on a wellness journey is a process of searching for the appropriate “tools” to make you a healthier and happier human being, plus discovering your own effective methods to use these “tools” for continued growth and development.

I am on my own wellness journey to be the best version of myself. I always say you can't pour from an empty cup. You need to take care yourself to be able to take care of others. I was getting to a point 


I am focusing on portion control, more fruits and veggies, limited sugar and processed foods, and no alcohol for the month of January. 


Getting a workout done, taking a walk to get fresh air, moving out body is important not only for our body but also our minds. My 30 minute workouts are my therapy, my "me time". I can take out my anger, frustration, hurt, sadness and push myself harder in my workouts. I notice a huge different in my patience and mood when I get my workout done. 

I am currently doing 9 Week Control Freak fitness program from Beachbody and Autumn Calabrese. I stream my workouts at home using my firestick or laptop. Beachbody has hundreds of workouts and different programs to choose from. From barre to yoga, to cardio, high intensity. You name it they got it. Oh and also different length of the workouts. I love the variety, being able  to access from anywhere at anytime and being able to pick something that I want to do. 

I am on week 4, phase 2. It is a 9 week program (hence the name) with 3 phases. Each workout is different, unique moves, and works your whole body. Each phase gets harder. 

In the first 3 weeks here are some non-scale victories:

⁃ Completed all 3 weeks of the workouts
⁃ Down 2 inches in my stomach alone
⁃ Have more energy
⁃ No alcohol for 3 weeks
⁃ Less bloated
⁃ More flexible
⁃ Upping my weights/bands in my workouts

The scale has went down 4.5 lbs and I have kept it off. 
I am loving this program. I look forward to doing my workouts everyday. They are so much fun and everyday is different.

I cant wait to see what the next 6 weeks brings.


This month I joined a group of women reading the same devotional Choose Joy. I have connected so much with this devotional. If you are looking for a devotional I recommend this one. Also next month the group is doing the same devotional again. Or there is another group starting where we will be reading the bible and doing PHILIPPIANS together. I am so excited. I actually bought a bible. This is all new to me but I feel drawn to do it. If you are interested in joining either let me now and I can get you all the details. 

Since starting this devotional I have been finding joy in the little things and not expecting others to bring me joy. I have noticed difference in my mood as well.


Every month I run an online virtual fit community. What is that exactly? It is an online community of Facebook and/or a private app. Within the Virtual Gym you get:

 100s of workouts to choose from! We’ve got every kind of workout: cardio, strength-training, HIIT, body-building, yoga, dance, barre, MMA-inspired… with more programs added regularly! Like the new hybrid strength training and running program being released to VIPs next week.
🍎 Access to both of our premium nutrition plans so you can decide what is best for you
🥗 Weekly meal plans to simplify your life
🥤 A month supply of my superfoods shake to help fight cravings and give your body the nutrients it needs
👯 Accountability - we have a supportive community that you are going to love! It’s a place to check in each day, share advice, celebrate milestones, and just connect with like-minded people! 
- Me as your coach helping you, encouraging, motivating, inspiring you every step of the way.

Want in on all the fun or more details? Send me an email or comment below. Also I have an exclusive offer for my blog readers for an sample packet, mention your a reader when you message me. 

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Starting in February I will be adding a link up. I would love for you to join me and share what you are doing with your wellness journey. It will be the last last Thursday of the month (February 25).

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