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Hey loves. Happy Monday. Hope you had a wonderful weekend. I have a very low key weekend and did nothing besides laundry and preparing for the week ahead. I haven't been feeling the greatest. My body just needed to rest. Brian took the kids out of the house so I could relax, and he even did the grocery shopping. I am so grateful to have the time to recharge and I am feeling a lot better this morning. 

Here is a bit of a life update from the past month. Some I have shared already others I have not. 

We have gotten a bit of snow this year in Northern Ohio. It has been so beautiful to watch the snow falling. I love Audrianna looking out the window watching. She also will drag you over to the window and say "I see" it is so adorable and a precious memory.

This month these two have gotten a long a lot more. 

Ella finally had picture day at school. 

Dad has been a jungle gym numerous times. These are the memories they will remember forever. 

A heart pizza for Valentine's Day, we ordered a week early in hopes the restaurant wouldn't be so crazy. Brian pulled in the parking lot and had to wait 15 minutes to get to the counter the line was out the door. He is the second person from the counter than they drop our pizza on the ground. He ended up waiting for another 15 minutes for a new pizza. It was delicious though.

Ella had her first sleepover at our house. You can read about it here.

I decided I needed a change. I treated myself to a few hours at the salon. Here is the before

Here is the after. I got a few inches taken off the length and my layers trimmed up. The big difference is the golden blonde babylights. I got it done 2 weeks ago and I am still loving it.

Audrianna had her first ride in a cart. I forgot the stroller and thankfully I had the cart cover, even though it was put on backwards. I still prefer keeping her in the stroller at this time, if we take her out shopping anywhere right now.

Brian dressed her. I wish we were going to Disney soon.

Speaking of Disney, usually over Presidents Day weekend the Cleveland Zoo holds a a Princess and Frogs party with Disney Princesses. This year with the pandemic and part of the zoo under construction they didn't have it. Ella had her own little dress up party at home instead. 

This months workouts haven't all be first thing in the morning like I like, and Brian has been working longer days so I don't always get the option to workout without kids. I am embracing the chaos and getting it done with a little helper. Giving myself grace over perfection. 

Two months in a row Brian and I have gotten date nights without any kids. without any phone calls or text messages that the kids are misbehaving or Audrianna is screaming. We are getting freedom back in our lives little by little. One day we will get an overnight. (Audrianna would have to stop nursing first)

We have been having lots of family time playing with magnetic tiles. Audrianna drags me downstairs at least twice a day to play. 

Best friends having lunch together at the kitchen counter. Sometimes this is easier than sitting at the table. 

Aren't they cute. Now what you don't see is that Austin was grounded to hi room for hitting his sister. He doesn't like to close his door and she wondered in to keep him company. Then Austin calls "mommy come here with your camera". 

Brian and his brother took Ella and Austin bowling. They play on the WII quiet often. Ella has been a few times and enjoys it.

This was Austin first time. He did awesome and kept up with Ella. 

Hope you have a great Monday. 

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  1. What a fun look back at the month! That pizza looks yummy (worth the wait at least after they dropped it!)

  2. Bowling looks like fun! Glad the kids enjoyed it. Thanks goodness for the Wii! :)

    1. I was surprised that they score in person and on the wii pretty close

  3. Looks like a good month! My girls are constantly going between fighting, and loving on each other. Often times within five minutes of each other.


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