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You ask and you shall receive. I have been talking about my mindset mornings and you guys are wondering "What the heck is a mindset morning?" My mindset morning is part of my daily routine. My goal is to get a mindset morning done every day before the kids wake up. Even if I don't achieve anything else that day, I still feel like I accomplished something. 

I have taken back my mornings, helping feel less overwhelmed. Turned my days around to win my mornings, to win my days. Before I start, NO I did not do this all overnight. NO I am not perfect and do this every morning. No I am not perfect, but when I accomplish these I do feel so much better and more accomplished.

You may have heard of the book Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod. What I call my mindset morning is somewhat a variation of the Mindset Morning. 

My morning starts at 430. I get up, put on my workout clothes then head in the kitchen. I make my pre-workout aka Mama gogo juice, and grab my water and head downstairs to my office.

First up I read my affirmations and pull an "I am" card. 

Next I do my quick bible study. (I am doing Philippians: Choose Joy from the You Bible app) As part of the bible study I do "SOAP" Which means scripture, observation, application and prayer. You can read more about soap here. I am also reading the book Choose Joy by Kay Warren

STEP 1: Read the verses. of the day

STEP 2: “S” - locate the scripture of the day and write that in my journal

STEP 3: Read the Devo in the Bible App

STEP 4: “O” - bullet out observations from the verse + devo

STEP 5: “A” write a few sentences on what I feel this is saying to ME.

STEP 6: Choose Joy Daily Devotion and check in on Facebook group

STEP 7: “P” I pray Kay’s prayer + anything else the scriptures has revealed.

Next I read from my other two daily devotional books. I purchased these before I had committed to the bible study and Choose Joy devotional. 

Next gratitude and dreams. I write this in my Start Today Journal from Rachel Hollis. (Once I am finished with this journal I will be going back to a gratitude journal without the dreams.)

Last I do some personal development reading. Currently I am reading Love Unending: Rediscovering your marriage in the mist of motherhood by Becky Thompson

I can get all of this done in less than 30 minutes if I don't get distracted by my phone or the computer. After my mindset morning is done, my pre-workout is kicked in and I am ready to workout. 

I love the saying "Change your mornings, change your life". Do you have a morning routine that you swear by?

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