Tuesday Talk - Sleepovers

Hey loves. Oh boy is it Tuesday. Yesterday seemed like the longest day ever with the kids off school for Presidents day and Brian working from home because of the snow. Audrianna woke up right when I was finishing up my mindset morning and about to workout aka 530 and decided she wasn't taking a nap. Thankfully she went to bed early and I finally got my workout done and some relaxing time to myself. I am sure today will be another fun day we are in the mist of getting upwards of 12 inches of snow, Ella has a snow day, Brian has a busy day... for now I am linking up with Erika for Tuesday Talk and talking about sleepovers.

Who knew that sleepovers were so controversial? I grew up having sleepovers all the time. I would spend the night at friends house and had friends spend the night at my house too. We even hosted (an attended) sleepover birthday parties with over 10 girls in my parents house. 

 I shared on social media that Ella had her first sleepover at our house a few weekends ago. I was surprised by how many moms said they don't allowed their kids to have sleepovers. They had good reason. Our sleepover was just with my niece. The girls were behaved, played well with Austin and Audrianna. 

As part of their sleepover they put on a performance for us.

Ella is all about her performances lately and love it. 

My niece struggles with going to bed at a decent hour and argues with her mom on this. When Ella had a sleepover at her house a few weeks before they were up until at least 11. I told the girls that they were going in the bedroom at 830 and lights out was 930. Brian checked on them at 10 and they were both asleep. Since then Claudia has been going to be at a decent time without a struggle for my sister. 

I set up a fun scavenger hunt around the house. They had so much fun with it that they set it up 3 more times before Claudia went home. It was a Valentines Day scavenger hunt from Keri

The girls got spoiled with all the food I prepared for them. Claudia is also a picky eater. For dinner I made homemade hamburger helper with broccoli. I was happily surprised that Claudia liked it and had seconds. 

For dessert I made strawberry blondie bars and

Valentines Fluff. 

For breakfast we had air fryer donuts, strawberry pancakes and sausage links. 

Do your kids do sleepovers?

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  1. I totally grew up having sleepovers. I'm pretty sure I was like 5 when I had my first one (at a neighbor two doors down). None of my girls have had a friend sleepover yet, but I really hope that they can soon.

    1. I hope your daughters get a sleepover soon. I have such a great memories and friendships from our sleepovers.

  2. I am one of those moms that is okay with sleepovers at my house but I don't like my daughter going to sleepovers. Call me a helicopter mom if you will, but I am just a paranoid mom I suppose. I mean don't get me wrong she has stayed the night at 2 friends houses but I couldn't sleep at all knowing she wasn't in her bed.

    This sleepover looked like a lot of fun!


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