Amazon Prime- February

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 Some months are good months, others months are not so good. Last month I did a few returns of items didn't go as planned. A few recommendations that I didn't like, headphones that wouldn't stay charged,.. i am sharing the good, the bad, and the ugly. I am linking up with Tanya for Prime Purchases.  

Occasionally my kids take melatonin before bed. We have tried different brands based on availability. This one is peach. Ella loves it, Austin does not. 

I have been on the search for ear buds that stay in my ears. I bought a pair that are a knock off airpods that didn't stay in. Another blogger recommended these ear buds. They also didn't stay in. They felt really heavy. The big kicker was they wouldn't stay charged for long. I am talking like 15 minutes and they were dead.

I am looking for a full coverage bathing suit that is supportive. I found this one by cupshe. I love the top covers and holds the girls in. however the bottom is very cheeky. I kept the bathing suit in hopes to finding cute shorts to wear oven them. 

For a lot of my cooking I use a spray mister of EVOO. My last bottle stopped working after having it for 5 years. I am loving this new one. You get an even mist. 

Audrianna is having a hard time with cradle cap. This has been helping so much. I also used it on myself after getting my hair colored my scalp was real flaky. I could see this brush also being good after getting a sun burn on your head. 

I got the skirt in black to try as a bathing suit cover up. I wasn't a fan of how it looked, and how it laid on me.

I saw it on Tiktok. Now I want to make homemade goldfish, so I bought this cute cookie cutter. 

I needed a refill on my daily women's multivitamin. I prefer gummies, so much easier than swallowing a huge pill. Funny fact I ordered from Amazon they arrived in a Walmart box.

I have had these baggie holders in my cart forever. I don't know why I took so long to order them. They are amazing for holding the bags. It stops me from making a mess all over my counter. 

What did you buy recently from Amazon.
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  1. I think it is so smart to tell what doesn't work out, as well as what works. I know I posted those earbuds, and then went back and edited that we had to return them. They stayed charged but had a hissing noise. These are the ones we ordered instead, and my son has liked them so far. Thanks for linking up with Prime Purchases! Tanya - The Other Side of the Road

  2. Oh those baggie holders are so cool! Very handy. I hope you find a good pair of earbuds soon. I tend to have trouble with them falling out of my ears too.


  3. That's weird that you ordered from Amazon but it arrived in a Walmrt box! How funny


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