Four Things

 Hey loves. Happy Wednesday. This week is flying by. We are having gorgeous weather in Northern Ohio, I am talking in the 60s, it is wonderful. It has already been a busy week and it sounds like a busy next few days also. 

~ ONE ~

With the weather being gorgeous we are spending everyday after school outside getting as much time outside as we can while it is still nice. If the older two are outside than the youngest wants outside too. Since we don't have a fenced in yard that means I am outside too following around my little wonderer. I am not complaining, I will take all the fresh air and movement. 

~ TWO ~

It is Girl Scout cookie time. I am one of the co-leaders for my daughters troop, as well as the cookie mom. Yesterday my mom came to watch the kids so I could pick up the cases of cookies, and separate them for each girl. I did a post on my social media about the struggles of being a troop leader, but I still love it. 


Speaking of social media. Facebook has been deleted off my phone. Audrianna did it on accident but I have decided to leave it off my phone for the time being. This is huge for me. From the stress, stupidy, anxiety, arguing, etc that happens on Facebook, taking a step back feels amazing and it has only been 2 days. I still check it twice a day on my laptop. I really just check my coaching groups, 

~ FOUR ~

I am on my last week of my 9 week program. I am so proud of myself for getting this far. I have loved this program. With that I am ready to switch things up. I haven't decided which program I am going to do next. I was thinking of hosting a 7 day free group with free workouts, spring cleaning tips and fun spring recipes. Would you be interested in joining the group?

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  1. We've been loving the weather here in MI too. :) I rarely go on FB on my phone anymore. It really is an amazing feeling.

    1. I am surprised how much better I am feeling without it and less mindless hours checking it and scrolling

  2. I wish I could delete Facebook, it provides little to no value. But it is how I share my blog posts so I keep it.

    1. I am still using on my computer compared to having it on my phone.


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