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 Hey loves. Its finally Friday. I don't know where the week went. If it weren't for the kids school schedules I probably wouldn't know what day it is. Since last Friday everything has been a blur. I am hoping this weekend to get back on track, refocus, and get my mind on straight. I am asking a lot I know. 

Time for some Friday Favorites park edition with these lovely ladies: Erika, and Andrea. This week we visited a new to us park in the area. Our favorite park we go to has a nice 1 mile walking trail and a huge playground with 3 separate areas for different ages. The downside of this park is it had been so busy lately. You can't really distance yourself while chasing your kids and some of the kids there are just so rude and their parents don't care. The last time we were at this park, there was a boy who would not get out of the slide. He was stopping other kids from going down and there were not parents around to say anything to him.

At the new to us park, there was only 2 other kids there. Austin and Audrianna enjoyed racing each other down the side.(Brian is hold Audrianna so she wouldn't go early)

There was an area with a few tunnels. Audrianna really wanted nothing to do with them. This was us taking her over there, she went through the one tunnel then ran back to the slides. 

Ella did enjoy the slide and had fun, but there were no monkey bars or extreme climbing things for her to really enjoy herself. I liked this though. I would feel comfortable bringing the kids here by myself without Brian.

This girl has no fear.

The park had a fun sea-saw that we all played on. 

As I have gotten older I like these hard flat swings so much better than the ones that round to your bottom. There were 6 swings I think so enough for all of us, but no baby swings. That means Audrianna got to be a big girl with mommy not to far away. 

Do you have a favorite park that your family goes to? What is your kids favorite activity at the park?
Austin loves climbing
Ella loves monkey bars
Audrianna loves slides

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  1. Ooooh I need to check out those PB&J cookies! My kids would love those! Happy weekend!


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