Monthly Intentions- March

 Hey loves. Happy Monday. I get so excited for a new month to start on a Monday. This weekend in Ohio the weather has been gorgeous. Saturday we went for a family walk, and on Sunday we took the kids to the playground for an hour. It just puts me in such a good mood. Plus I accomplished so much off my to do list and got to go shopping alone for a few hours. That is a total mom win. 

Time for some  New Goals, New Intentions. 

Lets quickly look back at February


  • date night- yes
  • family movie night- yes
  • family game night- no
  • sleepover either here or at family- yes
  • love not hearts everyday on doors- yes
  • schedule one on one time with each kid- no
  • sign Austin up for spring sport- no
  • go through Ella's clothes - no
  • try to get outside for at least 2 hours - yes 


  • scrub walls - yes
  • scrub baseboards - no
  • organize tupperware bowls - no


  • Read Love Unending Devotional - yes
  • clean make up brushes - yes
  • read Philippians  - yes
  • read 4 books for fun and 2 personal development - yes
  • do nightly controlled stretches  - no


  • plan March posts - yes
  • schedule March recipes - yes
  • do one collaboration - yes


  • Share 4 recipes - no
  • Share 4 reels - yes

Health and Fitness Business:

  • Start 5 women on their health and wellness journey - no
  • Help 2 women start a coaching business - no
  • Hit Emerald Rank - no

Monthly Stats:

    Books Read -  6

Rings Closed on Apple Watch 

    Move Ring- 27 

    Exercise Ring- 22

    Stand Ring- 26

Mindset Morning:

    4:30 am -  15

Reminder of my Daily Habits (with some edits)
  • Drink 80 oz of water - 100 oz for March
  • Get 30 minutes of movement everyday 
  • Read for 30 minutes
  • Less than 4 hours total on my phone
  • Take multivitamin, b complex, d3, magnisum, v
  • Drink nutrition shake
  • Close all 3 rings on apple watch
  • No electronics after 9pm
  • Eat all containers
  • Veggies as snacks

March Goals:


  • Date night
  • Family movie night
  • Family game night
  • One of one dates with each kid
  • Sign up Austin for a sport
  • Find Ella music books
  • Go through Ella's clothes
  • Start 1000 hours of outside 
  • Organize night stand
  • Reorganize kitchen
  • Clean garage
  • Start Spring Cleaning
  • Clean/organize top of everyone's dressers
  • Replace photos in picture frames
  • Find new Bible study
  • Read 4 books and 2 personal development
  • Schedule dentist
  • Schedule dr appointment


  • plan April posts
  • schedule April recipes
  • do one collaboration


  • Share 4 recipes
  • Share 4 reels

Health and Fitness Business:

  • Start 5 women on their health and wellness journey
  • Help 2 women start a coaching business
  • Hit Emerald Rank
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  1. Looks like you did a pretty good job in February. Good luck with March. I have to start spring cleaning too.


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