Weekend Wrap Up

Hey loves. Happy Monday. It has been an off weekend. Nothing seemed to go as planned, and everything seamed rushed. I am glad it is Monday and a fresh start. I wish I could say that my day started off as planned but it didn't. Instead of focusing on the past, which we have no control over. You can learn from your mistakes and situations you have been in, but you can't change them. We are going to make this week awesome and amazing. The weather in Northern Ohio is in the supper 60's this week. We are going to get out there and enjoy it as much as we can. Tonight's plan is to check out a new to us playground, hopefully less grounded than the one we usually go to. 

For now lets take a quick look back at our weekend. 

~ Friday ~
I honestly can't tell you what we really did on Friday. It was the start of a mentally exhausting weekend based on a situation that happened that I was totally blindsided by. I am not going to go into details. It was not how I wanted to start my weekend.

In the morning we were busy with meetings for Austin. He had an updated IEP meeting. They had to adjust a few things in their paperwork based on he will be in Kindergarten next year. He is still doing very well with his speech therapy and getting better to understand by most people. He main objections are to pronounce the full words like saying CAT not CA and using proper grammatical words such as is and am. 
After his IEP we went to his preschool conferences that were in person. His teacher said he is doing really well. Then when we left we were given his evaluation paper that shows what he needs to work on and there was a lot that she did not discuss with us. I was not a fan of his preschool teacher for a few reasons. One reason being Austin cut his pants at school the day before. He told her and she said "oh well don't show anyone" They never said anything to me and didn't listen to him when he said that he did it. Hopefully he continues to do better and learn the rest of this year. 

The rest of Friday is a blur. I remember we got Mexican for dinner and that was it. 

~ Saturday ~

Saturday was a crazy day. I spend most of the morning organizing an upcoming project. Audrianna was having fun with Brian and her siblings so I was able to get stuff done on the computer. I also made my grocery list and menu for the week. 

Ella and I dropped of a donation at Goodwill for Girl Scouts day and she got a patch. Then we headed to get our grocery shopping done. 

Once we got home it was eat lunch than head out the door to Brian's parents for game night and family dinner, which we haven't done in months. We made a detour and stopped at Dunkin Donuts to try the new Chocolate Stout Cold Brew with Cold Foam, I saw it on Tiktok. First off I didn't know that Dunkin had cold brew with cold foam. It was so good. Now they just need to open the new Dunkin that is closer and will have a drive thru, the one closest to me does not have a drive thru and is a pain to go in and parking sucks so we don't go there often, especially just me and the kids. 

The evening did not got as planned. Audrianna had refused a nap all day. By 630 she was so exhausted and screaming. I took her for a walk where she finally calmed down. When we got back I fed her and she slept for a few minutes. As soon as I moved or someone talked she woke back up. Instead of enjoying time with the family Audrianna and I went home. Austin was having a sleepover at Grandma's.

Ella went cosmic bowling for the first time with Brian and his brother. They had a lot of fun the 3 of them. Ella loved all the lights but wished it was darker. The three of them have been doing a lot of bowling together lately and Ella has been loving it. Maybe this will be her sport. 

~ Sunday ~

Brian made pancakes for breakfast then he was out the door for a busy day of showing houses.

Audrianna's obsession is Frozen and Frozen 2. She would watch them all day everyday if you let her (we don't). Her new thing is singing along to the songs. Sunday morning she decided she needed her own little stage and stood on the table to sing. 

Sunday I was still finishing laundry. This is not typical for me. Friday is laundry day and I usually get it done then or do the rest on Saturday, not actually washing and folding laundry on Sunday. Thankfully it is all done and ready for the week ahead. 

Sunday afternoon we had our Girl Scout meeting. Then we went home and had delicious crockpot boneless country ribs. I forgot to take a picture but everyone ate them, Ella had seconds and we have no leftovers. I will have to make them again.

After dinner was some outside fun time. Audrianna loves going down the slide like a big girl and being pushed on the swing. She found a bucket that had dirt in it, then it rained and was now all mud. She dumped it all over her and tried eating some. It was time bath time. 

After bath time we did some reading as a family then off to bed. Thankfully everyone went to bed without a struggle. But this little girl was up at 6am again. She does not like sleep.

I hope you had a wonderful weekend. Did you do anything fun? 

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