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Hey loves. Happy Monday. I am back from a wonderful week off from blogging. Both my kids were on Spring Break and we went on a mini road trip vacation. It was a much needed few days out of the house with a change of scenery and family fun time. Ella had a long weekend with her father also. Today is officially back to reality and routines, which I thrive on. Today is already the second Monday of the month, which means time for the Not Just A Mom link up. 

I will be linking up with these wonderful mama's every month.

Each month we will taking a peak into our lives and sharing different aspects. 

This month we are sharing Favorite Family Memories. Gosh there are so many favorites. From vacations to the little things, quality time together, to cuddles on the couch. Here are a bunch:

We love going to the zoo and seeing animals. We have been to a few different zoos and can't wait to add more to our list. Not only do we get to look at animals, we are outside, spending time together, walking, and talking. 

Toledo Zoo 2018

Cleveland Zoo 2019

Columbus Zoo 2021

We are very fortunate to live close to Cedar Point. The goal is to go at least once a year. Both my kids love rides. Ella loves adventure and riding roller coasters. Austin it depends on his mood. 



Birthdays are always fun and great memories. This past year we took Ella to Pickle Bills seafood restaurant. It was her choice and she wanted crab legs. She ate all hers and a couple of mine too.

I am a huge Disney fan and Disney vacations are my favorite time away to the most magical place on earth. I went once as a child at the age of 2 and don't remember anything. Brian took me in 2014 and we stayed at Caribbean Beach. Then we took Ella for her 5th birthday in 2016 and left Austin at the grandparents for a week. We stayed at the Polynesian, which is also my favorite resort. 



2018 we went back as a family. Stayed at Port Orleans Riverside.

Brian and I also went for a long weekend without kids in 2018 and stayed at Beach Club.

In 2020 we had planned to go to Florida over Spring Break then the pandemic started. I planned a fun Disney at Home virtual vacation with riding rides on Youtube, eating Disney food, and watching movies. Don't forget the dance parties and magic bands. Hopefully things work out and we can go back this summer.

One year for Austin's birthday the whole family picked up and got the kids a swing set for our backyard. It has swings, a slide, climbing wall, and more. We have had hours of fun. I love being able to tell the kids, go outside and play, and not have to come up with something for them to play.

We are still getting hours of fun on it and have a spot for each kid to swing.

My kids love helping in the kitchen. Last year we got them their own personalized Mickey and Minnie aprons and hats for when they help. Yes even sometimes we have a fireman helping too. Even Audrianna likes helping in the kitchen. As I type this Brian is grinding coffee and she goes running to help make coffee and pancakes.

Flower shopping Twice a year we make a big trip to Lowe's to get flowers for our yard. We let the kids help pick out flowers.

Sibling love. Yes this is an older photo from 2017 when Ella actually liked her brother. It is few and fan between anymore. But the memories of them liking each other, waking each other with hugs in the morning is the best.

Every few years we get to ride in the Police SUV in the 4th of July parade. Brian is an auxiliary Police Officer. The kids ask if we are doing it again this year, as of right now we don't think there will be a parade again this year. Usually the fireworks bring in a crowd of over 10,000 people. 

Sporting events. Ella loves going to watch the Monster's Hockey game. The kids also have been to Cleveland Indians games and Cleveland Browns games. 

As a mom I love when my kids read to each other or even bring me a book to read to them. 

Family walks. We are an active family and try to go for walks every night weather permitting. 

Family workouts. I love when my kids workout with me. They will just randomly start doing the moves or grab lighter weights. 

Like father like son. Austin loves to help with yard work and cutting the grass. He had (he needs a new one) his own wheel barrel where he helped move mulch and dirt every year. 

What is one of your families favorite memories?

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  1. Aw, great family memories! We do family walks too. Not everyone comes every time but we like to get them out of the house!

    1. I can't wait for the age that we are not dragging the kids to go for a walk. Some times they are all for it. other times they want to stay home

  2. Lots of fun stuff here! It's nice to acknowledge the everyday moments we spend together - helping in the kitchen, going for walks, gardening. Good times.

  3. Sometimes the little moments are the best moments!!!!

  4. I also took a week off from blogging since my kids were on spring. Glad you got to enjoy a road trip! So many great memories you created! I love all the zoo trips and Disney has been one of my favorite family moments as well.

  5. So many fun memories!! I can't believe I lived in Ohio for 17 years and never once made it to Cedar Point. I know I missed out big time. I knew I was going to see some Disney pics on your post today!!

  6. I have always wanted to stay at the Polynesian. We have stayed at many of the other resorts (Wilderness Lodge, Port Orleans, Saratoga Springs, etc. but not the Polynesian-- yet!). I keep warning my husband that I want to go back just us two and stay there... Disney is definitely one of my happy places. We had a trip all planned in 2020 too that we had to put on hold.

  7. We love going for family walks too. They can be so fun!!!

  8. So many wonderful memories. My kids love the zoo too. We went to the Cincinnati Zoo last summer for the first time in forever, and they enjoyed it so much. I love your memories of reading books, baking and family walks. So sweet.


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