5 Questions

 It has been a while since I did a 5 questions post. Over the weekend I posted on Instagram stories to get some questions for today. Do you follow me on Instagram?

Are you planning on having a schedule for the kids for summer?

Yes. I don't know exactly what yet though. I still have 9 school days to come up with an idea.

Are you still moving?

No right now. We currently put it on hold. We still would love to move but right now is so crazy. 

Do your kids do chores?

Yes. Ella just started doing her own laundry. I still help her with it. Ella and Austin both also set the table for meals. All the kids are responsible for cleaning up their own rooms and helping clean up the living room and basement even if they didn't make the mess. 

You haven't shared your workouts lately. Are you still working out?

Yes and no. I have not been as consistent at pressing play. I am still pressing play 3-5 days a week. I am a lot more active right now chasing after Audrianna, and doing yard work. When I am pressing play I have been focusing more on doing the workout for me, pushing myself, and not so much sharing my journey. 

Are you ready for the kids to be out of school?

Yes. Austin will still be in summer camp 2 days a week though. 

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