Columbus Day 2

Part 2 Day 2 of our mini vacation/road trip to Columbus that we took over Spring Break. 

We stayed outside of Columbus in a cute little area, Dublin. About an hour away was Dayton. There was a museum that Brian wanted to check out so we took a little drive. 

We woke up and had a quick breakfast at the hotel. They had frozen sandwiches, muffins, yogurt, and fruit to chose from. Due to Covid they couldn't have their normal buffet. After eating we hit the road. 

Good things for movies and their activity baskets to keep them entertained. 

Audrianna decided taking a 30 minute nap was a better idea. (This was the only nap she ended up having, which was not long enough)

The attraction of the day was the Dayton National Air Force Museum. 

This was Ella's favorite plane. Austin found one with a train he liked. 

There were a lot of ones with "unique" names and pin up girls.

My favorite was this one with the 7 dwarfs, you could also go inside this one. I did not because Audrianna was in the stroller. 

There were a few of the planes you could go on, but they were not handicap accessible/stroller. One of the big highlights is seeing Air Force One and all the president planes. Due to Covid all that was closed sadly. 

Audrianna got bored. She isn't impressed with walking around looking at planes. She also needed a nap, wanted to nurse but was easily distracted. I went in one of their nursing rooms, she wanted nothing to do with it, and the chair they had was so uncomfortable. We ended up walking around for a little bit more. She started screaming again. I went to go to another nursing room, a lady stopped me and said let me take you to a different area. She took me to a quite nursing room with comfy chairs that was in the employee area. Audrianna nursed for a while but didn't take a nap. Thankfully she was in a lot better mood. 

We spent a few hours at the museum and had lunch there too. Next time we will pack our own lunches (like we did with the zoo). Hopefully next time more of the attractions are open. 

The rest of the evening we spent in Dublin by our hotel. We had a delicious taco dinner, it was Tuesday. Then we walked to the historical side of town and got the best vegan ice cream. (Everyone else had regular ice cream, I have a lactose intolerance that acts up with ice cream). Then another early night in watching movies. 

We had a great second day of vacation. If you missed Day one you can read about it here. Stay tuned for day three. 

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  1. Growing up in Cincinnati, we went on a field trip to that museum in 8th grade! I STILL remember it as one of my favorite field trips and I absolutely remember the Strawberry Bitch. As I'm sure you can imagine, a lot of 8th graders found it hilarious. This was so fun to read!

    1. Omg yes I can totally see being in 8th grade and finding the names of the planes hilarious


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