Meal Planning Monday- Week 53

It's Monday. First full week of summer, family in town, an unfortunate funeral today and so much more going on. At least I got organized with our meals for the week. I also made a list of ideas and what we have on hand snacks, breakfast, and lunches for the kids. Take a look below of what I came up with.

Instead of goldfish and cookies all day for snack, I wrote done items we have they can choose form. I am not saying that they don't get goldfish but we get 6 bags a month (order from Amazon) they need to make it last. Lunches just have ideas instead of always Nutella sandwiches. Breakfast I bought some stuff for them to make quickly on their own without my help if they don't wake up when everyone else is having breakfast. 

Now time for our dinner menu

Monday - Spagehtti

Tuesday - Baked Tacos

Wednesday - Grilled Caprese Chicken

Thursday - Leftovers

Friday - Go Out for Tacos

Saturday - Father's Day with my family

What is on your dinner menu this week?

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